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OH FUDGE!!!!!!!

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ludaloo Sun 25-Mar-07 10:14:40

Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong??? I tried to make fudge last night, and it was a mare!!!
Does anyone have a good recipe and good instructions??
I'd be truly grateful! I have a feeling my electric oven isn't helping, as you can't heat quickly...or turn the heat down quickly either...

Any tips would be gratefully received

TIA xxxx

ludaloo Sun 25-Mar-07 10:19:43


fizzbuzz Sun 25-Mar-07 18:18:16

Did you use condensed milk? That's what makes it fudgy. Will go and dig out my fudge receipe. I never make it, it tastes too nice?

fizzbuzz Sun 25-Mar-07 18:18:51

That should have ended in a !.I would eat it all if I made it

Spidermama Sun 25-Mar-07 18:19:36

I never dare to make fudge any more. I 'test' it so often during the cooking process that there's hardly ever any left when I've finished.

Home made fudge is absolutely, unbearably gorgeous.

Lucycat Sun 25-Mar-07 18:22:14

my homemade fudge is always too sloppy, lovely to eat with a spoon, but I can't get it to set.

Thing is I did it right once and it has lulled me into a false sense of confectionary prowess.

ShoshableEggEater Sun 25-Mar-07 18:31:03

Best fudge I have ever made was made with cream cheese instead of milk

Cream Cheese Fudge

1/4 pound Cream Cheese
1/2 cup butter
1/4 cup cocoa
1 pound powdered sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
(chopped nuts (optional)

Melt cheese and butter over low heat. Add the remaining ingredients. stir until well combined and smooth. Press into a buttered 9x13" pan. Chill. makes around 70 pieces.

fizzbuzz Sun 25-Mar-07 18:32:13

Ignore thing about condensed milk, that was toffee.

Fudge needs evap milk.

Chocolate Fudge:
8 oz sugar
1oz marge
6tbsp evaporated milk
1 oz chocolate
1 oz cocoa.

Put all ingredients in a pan, and heat gently stirring until sugar melts.
Turn up heat, and bring to boil.
Test if ready by dropping bit into cold water. When it nearly sets (eg fudgelike), take off heat, and beat until creamy.
Pour into greaes tin.

I usually have devoured it all at dropping into cold water stage . But it is scrummy.

I know you can make plain fudge as well with this recipe, where you substitute choc and cocoa powder. I think (but am not totally sure)you replace it with an extra oz of marge, and an extra oz of sugar.

I am drooling as typing this!

ludaloo Tue 27-Mar-07 09:39:47

OOOhhhhhhh thankyou thankyou thankyou!

I used condensed milk...not evaporated milk..

Fizzbuzz, I'm going to try your choc fudge recipe...I'll let you know

ludaloo Tue 27-Mar-07 09:41:57

shoshable...I've pinched your cream cheese recipe too....thanks I don't have creamed cheese in the house at the mo, so I'll save that one until I next do a shop.

Enid Tue 27-Mar-07 09:53:23

I have a recipe for microwave fudge which I might try - I always end up burning fudge on the stove

seb1 Tue 27-Mar-07 09:59:30

Make tablet instead

MellowMa Tue 27-Mar-07 10:48:56

Message withdrawn

seb1 Tue 27-Mar-07 11:15:58


MellowMa Tue 27-Mar-07 11:21:33

Message withdrawn

ludaloo Tue 27-Mar-07 11:45:38 worked a treat!! Just wasn't much of it so I have rather thin fudge, so next time I'm going to double the amounts.

fizzbuzz Wed 28-Mar-07 13:59:28

Glad it worked, I know it's scrummy, I've had that recipes for about 25 years, from when I was really little.

As I said I daren't make it, as way too many calories, and as for that tablet stuff, that looks as gorgeous and as dangerous.

MellowMa Tue 03-Apr-07 14:11:12

Message withdrawn

MellowMa Tue 03-Apr-07 15:32:49

Message withdrawn

MellowMa Tue 03-Apr-07 15:59:36

Message withdrawn

Furball Tue 03-Apr-07 16:10:12

seb - I like your recipe, especially the bit where it says serves two! Half a tablet each, I'm there......

Furball Tue 03-Apr-07 16:11:24

8lb of sugar, blimey! How come you even had that much in the cupboard?

MellowMa Tue 03-Apr-07 16:15:11

Message withdrawn

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