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Last minute pudding, dairy free.

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milkmoustache Fri 14-Jul-17 13:22:29

Here's a challenge... Going to see my mum tomorrow, by train, and cooking her lunch. She is blind, so I have said I will bring it all with me, but am a bit limited by a) transporting it all on the train, and b) her friend is coming and can't do dairy. There is no greengrocer on the way to buy fruit last minute, but there is a Waitrose.
I can bring some raspberry sauce with me, as our bushes have had a good year, but what the hell can I have with it? Her kitchen doesn't have lots of kit, I just want something I can put together easily that will feel like a treat. HELP!!

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Andtheresaw Fri 14-Jul-17 13:25:24

meringues, soft fruit, warm (plain) chocolate syrup.

chocolate syrup: 1tb cocoa, 2 tbs granulated sugar, 6 tbs water. Boil for 3 minutes while whisking constantly until starts to thicken. remove from heat and keep whisking for another couple of minutes.

Andtheresaw Fri 14-Jul-17 13:25:56

sorry: 1 cocoa 3sugar, 6 water

TeenagersandFurbabies Fri 14-Jul-17 13:28:56

Apple crumble with dairy free ice-cream, cream or custard & a swirl of raspberry sauce on top.

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