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Christening food help

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user1493413286 Fri 14-Jul-17 11:13:59

If a christening was taking place at 2pm with a tea afterwards around 3pm what food would you expect to be provided?
We're having about 40 people and trying to do it on a bit of a budget but I'm not sure what people would expect? I was wondering about doing cakes and scones as an afternoon tea type arrangement but I don't want to look mean or people come expecting more.

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AdaColeman Fri 14-Jul-17 11:17:46

Cakes and scones would be fine, they will have had lunch, and the event will be over before dinner

Soditall Fri 14-Jul-17 12:06:48

Your idea sounds lovely if you wanted to add a few savoury pieces how about some sausage rolls,homemade small one's,with different fillings(they can be made in advance and frozen)and some mini pork pies and pakoras for any vegeterians/non pork eaters.

2014newme Fri 14-Jul-17 12:10:19

An afternoon tea is fine.
I personally wouldn't bother with pork pies and pakora I'd keep it to scones, cake, elegant sandwiches, tea and champagne. Set out on nice cake stands etc.
You can order platters from waitrose or sainsbury to save cooking

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