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Best salads for informal supper

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Generallyok Mon 10-Jul-17 10:18:36

I have 5 old school friends coming around for a get together tomorrow. I won't have much time so want to prepare some salads in the morning to eat with new potatoes. Can anyone give me some good ideas that look like a bit of effort has been made instead of me opening bags of salad and any good food to prepare ahead to go with salad. Sorry I'm a bit hopeless.

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thereallochnessmonster Mon 10-Jul-17 10:19:29

red onion, feta, tomato and basil

mozzarella and peach

Greek salad - olives, cherry toms, cucucmber, feta

KimchiLaLa Mon 10-Jul-17 10:41:51



Copy cat pizza express salad - roast some veg, place on bed of lettuce, sprinkle some cherry toms, stick on pre-cooked chicken

Joinourclub Mon 10-Jul-17 10:46:54

Bag of salad, pack of smoked mackerel, pack of cooked beetroot, mix some horseradish and creme fraiche - arrange.

LockedOutOfMN Mon 10-Jul-17 10:49:27

Niçoise - leaves, tomatoes, green beans, back olives, capers, tuna, anchovies and hard boiled egg. Goes perfectly with new potatoes.

Pestilentialone Mon 10-Jul-17 10:57:38

Broad beans, peas (from the freezer) and artichoke hearts (from jar).
Cook the beans lightly, add peas as you are draining. Use oil from jar as dressing plus some lemon juice. Bung in tupperware in fridge, best made 24 hours before eating.
Bulgar wheat, add boiling water and bouilon powder, cover with tea towel leave overnight. Add whatever you have handy, fried onions are always good, balance with fresh cut spring onions and herbs.
A selection of some made the night before, some in the morning and a bag of bought leaves is probably easiest.

MackerelOfFact Mon 10-Jul-17 11:09:03

I was going to say Nicoise as well. I prefer mine with a grilled salmon fillet instead of tuna, but it can be cooked in advance and served cold.

PumpkinSpiceEverything Mon 10-Jul-17 18:13:18

Grilled chicken Caesar salad - hard boiled eggs,, romaine lettuce, croutons, sorted.

dexter101 Wed 12-Jul-17 15:37:59

Had a great salad at a relatives a couple of weeks ago, looked great on a big platter and we thought it was the main course so stuffed our selves only for them to bring out roast chicken for main....

Bags of mixed leaves (the one with the beetroot is nice)
jar of black olives
Jar of green olives
Jar of sundried tomatoes
Jar of artichoke hearts
parma ham
boiled eggs

dress everything together except the meat and eggs which you can lay on top afterwards.

Mymouthgetsmeintrouble Wed 12-Jul-17 15:43:47

Bag of herb salad ,cucumber , extra fresh mint , grilled halloumi added at the last min and drizzled in honey and mustard dressing

Chelsea26 Wed 12-Jul-17 15:51:17

Chicken tikka on a bed of spinach, red onions, radish, cucumber, celery and grated carrot. If you wanted/had time then some roasted sweet potato cubes tossed in cumin and some curried lentils sprinkled on top with the chicken would be ace. Mango chutney and natural yoghurt with mint sauce stirred through as dressing and maybe some broken up poppadoms to sprinkle on top too.

This is my favourite ever salad...

HeyMicky Wed 12-Jul-17 15:58:47

Bag of precooked lentils, some roasted butternut squash, finely sliced red onion, crumbled feta, a scattering of rocket, vinagarette

Lambs tongue lettuce, goats cheese and fresh figs with a honey-mustard dressing ( you can use pre-prepared everything, including the dressing if you like, and only have to cut up the figs)

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