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Freezable chicken recipe?

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MamaTT Mon 03-Jul-17 21:37:05

I'm being induced on Wednesday and DP grabbed a massive packet of chicken breasts in the reduced section in Tesco earlier that I really don't fucking need. He's incapable of cooking (probably not incapable but it's not worth the stress/mess of letting him try) so am racking my brains for something I could could with the breasts tomorrow and freeze. I usually only freeze soups and bolognaise.
I'm thinking possibly casserole that can be defrosted and Reheated and served with crusty bread? Or curry that can be defrosted and served with micro rice?
Open to ideas! Please help!

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OculusReparo Tue 04-Jul-17 01:56:19

You could dice up the chicken and then marinate it for a few hours or overnight and then bung it the oven with some veg for a quick meal? You could also make chicken potato cakes which is very easy to make. Just need to boil the chicken breasts and then shred once cooked. For the potato mixture, I boil some potatoes and then peel and mash, add some milk and butter, salt and pepper to taste and coriander and some chili flakes. Sometimes I add finely chopped bell peppers to the potato mixture and I fry the shredded the shredded chicken with fry light and added turmeric, curry powder etc. You can omit that step if you want, Once the potato mixture has cooled, you throw in the shredded chicken and then just mix it all together and then just make into patties or little balls and then flatten and use flour, egg and bread crumbs and then put into a tray and freeze. These do last a good few weeks if not more. They can be eaten with chips, rice, salad or just with ketchup.

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