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Help me save my chili!

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LapCatLicker Thu 29-Jun-17 17:45:42

Making chili using some pretty freezer burnt mince just now. I hadn't realised quite how long its been in there and it tastes pretty bad. I've done my usual chili; onion, pepper, grated carrot and courgette, tomato, kidney beans, 3 garlic cloves, mild chili powder, cumin, oregano, cocoa powder, one beef stock gel thingy. Can I rescue it?

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LapCatLicker Thu 29-Jun-17 18:03:44

I've added more stock powder and a bit of cayenne. Still pretty fusty but edible.

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FauxFox Thu 29-Jun-17 18:06:44

Little bit of sugar? Works well in sauce made with tinned toms as they are a bit sharp.

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Thu 29-Jun-17 18:08:31

Don't tinker any more with the chilli.
Just drink half a bottle of wine before dinner to dull your taste buds

TeenagersandFurbabies Thu 29-Jun-17 18:09:51

Add a squirt of tomato ketchup it'll add a little sweetness to it.

RaspberryBeretHoopla Thu 29-Jun-17 18:11:15

Yep, sugar and a splash or 2 of red wine vinegar. The 2 together can cut the acrid taste (sugar) and elevate the spices (vinegar). That might cut the fusty taste.

If not, then drink then I agree with breakfast wine

LapCatLicker Thu 29-Jun-17 18:12:15

Lol breakfast wine has been opened! I'll try a bit of sugar, that should lift it. Thankfully I'm not eating it, I'm going out and DH will be eating it when he gets in.grin

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LapCatLicker Thu 29-Jun-17 18:17:03

Yay! A bit of sugar and a splash of red wine vinegar has done the trick. It's not the best I've ever made but even I would eat that now. Thank you!

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meladeso Thu 29-Jun-17 18:22:02

And maybe more cumin if it now doesn't taste so much like chilli anymore!

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