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Bought part-baked pain au chocolat from sainsburys but they don't have any baking instructions?

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CampingManDad Sun 25-Jun-17 17:44:57

I've bought a pack of 6 pain au chocolat from sainsburys but the pack doesn't have any baking instructions.
The company that makes them is called la boulangerie and they look like they are part baked.
Any idea how long I should bake them for and at what temperature?

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BlackAmericanoNoSugar Sun 25-Jun-17 17:47:43

About 180C until they look done would be my guess.

AssassinatedBeauty Sun 25-Jun-17 17:49:23

This would seem to be the item, I think, with its instructions:

AssassinatedBeauty Sun 25-Jun-17 17:50:25

Mind you, they seem to be frozen, so maybe not the right product!

CampingManDad Sun 25-Jun-17 17:53:16

I had found those on the internet. I don't think they are the ones I have as they look completely uncooked whereas mine look part-baked.

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AssassinatedBeauty Sun 25-Jun-17 17:54:59

So, I'd agree with PP, 180 deg and give them 5 mins then check. They shouldn't take long if they're part baked.

IvyWall Sun 25-Jun-17 17:55:49

Are they these?

I think they are ready to eat

IvyWall Sun 25-Jun-17 17:56:40

Are they these?

I think they are ready to eat

CampingManDad Sun 25-Jun-17 18:00:41

that's them.
They don't look very appetising ... very skinny.
I was sure they'd need to go in the oven where they would puff up and resemble proper pain au chocolat!

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BlackAmericanoNoSugar Sun 25-Jun-17 18:03:39

Even if they're ready to eat a few minutes a 180C would crisp them up a bit. Just take them out when the go a bit browner.

IvyWall Sun 25-Jun-17 18:08:42

If you want freshly cooked pains you could try the justrol ones. They turn out quite well

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