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Forgot to put it in the fridge!!

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Icallbullshit3 Wed 21-Jun-17 00:17:29

Just looking for some advice. I cooked half a leg of lamb this evening and just as it had finished the shopping delivery came so I turned the oven off. This was at 6:30pm. I've only just remembered it and rescued it into the fridge... so it had been sitting in the oven for 5 hours after cooking. Is that still edible? It smells ok... but the house is very warm. Would you still eat it?

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umizoomi Wed 21-Jun-17 00:44:23

Yes - the oven is hotter than the house and you shouldn't put hot stuff In the fridge. It's cooled in the hot to cold closed oven not on the side for the flies to attack

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