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What to do with over ripe strawberries?

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just5morepeas Mon 19-Jun-17 18:47:17

My kids went strawberry picking on sunday and they're not very discerning when it comes to choosing a berry! grin

So what could I do with the over ripe fruit? All the jam recipes I've looked at say the fruit shouldn't be over ripe.

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daisydalrymple Mon 19-Jun-17 18:48:38


Rioja123 Mon 19-Jun-17 18:51:57


VerityHabitat Mon 19-Jun-17 18:56:11

Chuck them into the freezer and use in smoothies.

just5morepeas Mon 19-Jun-17 19:02:30

Oh, I never thought about smoothies! Strawberries freeze ok just as they are then?

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GlitterGlue Mon 19-Jun-17 19:08:34

Eton mess or throw them in a trifle.

VerityHabitat Mon 19-Jun-17 19:10:10

Well they clump up but I am far too lazy to flash freeze them separately on a tray before bagging. So I just make small baggies of them - enough for one smoothie. Throw the clump in and it's fine. But I do have a Vitamix that can blend the big chunks.

SecondaryQuandary Mon 19-Jun-17 19:21:20

Blend and swirl into natural yoghurt
Blend and blob on granola before adding milk
Blend and pour over vanilla ice cream

TheSnorkMaidenReturns Mon 19-Jun-17 19:22:48

Mush them up with your matching over ripe bananas and a dash of milk (or almond milk) and turn them into ice lollies.

VerityHabitat Mon 19-Jun-17 19:23:47

You could blend and then pour into ice cube trays, freeze and then bag them.

Or make a strawberry cake.

just5morepeas Mon 19-Jun-17 19:30:32

Oh, there's some great suggestions here, thanks everyone. smile

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StillRunningWithScissors Mon 19-Jun-17 19:35:20

I freeze them for smoothies, but they also work well if you throw a few frozen ones into a bowl, microwave for about 30 secs or so and is for yogurt or ice cream. So nice.

NewDayDawning Mon 19-Jun-17 19:53:52

I am in exactly the same boat with a punnet overripe strawberries from strawberry picking grin

We're having strawberry milkshakes for dessert tonight.

Piffpaffpoff Mon 19-Jun-17 20:01:58

Freeze them then blend with OJ as you wish - deeeeelicious! Throw in a few slices of peach too for extra loveliness.

YellowLawn Mon 19-Jun-17 20:06:18

freeze them. then blend with cream (or plain full fat yoghurt) for instant ice cream

DubiousCredentials Mon 19-Jun-17 20:22:05

Stew them? We used to have stewed strawberries and ice cream when I was a child.

paradoxicalInterruption Tue 20-Jun-17 11:28:37

You can make strawberry vodka too.

Hoppinggreen Tue 20-Jun-17 11:30:49


TheSpottedZebra Tue 20-Jun-17 11:33:21

You can make jam with them, just they'll be really low in pectin and won't set ad well.
So either add pectin, or add a pectin-rich fruit eg redcurrants.

FurcoatnoNicks Tue 20-Jun-17 11:34:56

Wow great ideas here
I made Erin mess for my kids yesterday and they LOVED it
Used lavender sprigs to decorate and they called me Heston grin

FurcoatnoNicks Tue 20-Jun-17 11:35:14


Gooseygoosey12345 Tue 20-Jun-17 11:41:16

Jam, smoothies, strawberry tart, strawberry ice cream. Mmm think I'll get the strawberries out of the fridge grin

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