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Meal plans for the week

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Mummyoftwo91 Mon 05-Jun-17 11:30:31

Monday- falafel and salad wraps
Tuesday-butternut squash and feta pie with new potatoes and veg
Wednesday- jacket potatoes
Thursday- roast veg quinoa
Friday- mac and cheese with green salad
Saturday- veggie hot dogs and home made wedges
Sunday- probally some sort of stir fry

IHaveBrilloHair Mon 05-Jun-17 11:37:22

Just me until Wednesday so I'll just pick today and tomorrow
Wednesday-Slow cooked chicken, garlic bread and salad
Thursday-Seafood spaghetti
Friday-Thai veg curry and rice
Saturday-Salt and pepper belly pork, sweet and sour pineapple and peanut noodles
Sunday-Chicken fried steak, pepper cream gravy, mash and greens

lastqueenofscotland Tue 06-Jun-17 08:01:44

Last night was veggie sausage casserole (it was delicious I ate all the left overs too)
Tonight will be Dahl and garam masala roasted cauliflower
Tomorrow is patatas bravas
Thursday is veggie sausages and beans cause I won't get home till very late

Not got as far as Friday yet!

Nicpem1982 Tue 06-Jun-17 08:04:55

Tonight - soft chicken tacos
Tomorrow - butter chicken curry and rice
Thursday- grilled fish potatoes and veg
Friday -home made veggie burgers/wedges and coleslaw

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 11-Jun-17 17:36:07

Trying to think of mine now. Am completely bored of everything.

Today is stir fry and rice.
Tomorrow is nachos and black bean soup.
Tuesday is mushroom burgers.

No idea beyond that.

All I really fancy = new potatoes and salad, for every meal!

LadyMonicaBaddingham Sun 11-Jun-17 17:52:07

Tonight was spicy crab lettuce wraps
Tomorrow will be baguette brie bake
Then smoked sausage alfredo pasta
Then meatballs because DS1 is making them are school. Dunno what to do with them yet, though...

Haven't got any further blush

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 11-Jun-17 21:27:33

What is baguette brie bake, please? It sounds magnificent.

lastqueenofscotland Sun 11-Jun-17 22:29:08

Yesterday had homemade falafel burgers with hallumi
Today had the left overs
Tomorrow wholemeal pasta with leek and mushrooms
Tuesday pepper stuffed with Mexican rice
Wednesday roast med veg and chickpeas

Not got any further

CaptainWarbeck Mon 12-Jun-17 07:29:50

How do you make your veggie sausage casserole queen?

CaptainWarbeck Mon 12-Jun-17 07:32:39

Right mine is:
Tofu noodle stir fry
Veggie sausage casserole & polenta (new meal, yet to find a recipe)
Creamy mushroom pasta bake
Quorn korma and rice

CountryCaterpillar Mon 12-Jun-17 07:35:13

I'm so not in control of food in this house. It always seems last minute panic so following for some ideas!

RoseVase2010 Mon 12-Jun-17 08:37:28

-pork and feta wrapped in Palma ham with sundried tomato rice and chilli courgette
-mushroom risotto
-lamb steaks and cous cous
-chicken kievs, waffles and beans (dirty but yummy!)
-tuna, pasta, sweet corn salad
-Jon Thorners chicken pie, the best pies ever!
-chilli con carne

RoseVase2010 Mon 12-Jun-17 08:37:54

Palma ham?! Parma ham!!

foodiefil Mon 12-Jun-17 09:56:44

Chicken stir fry from butchers with egg fried rice

Salmon with avocado salad

Fish cakes and jersey royals


Chicken and bacon pasta bake

lastqueenofscotland Mon 12-Jun-17 20:59:58

Captain I use the Tesco veggie Lincolnshire ones, pop them in the oven then fry onion, garlic and chilli, then add some peppers, then passata and season. Let it reduce down, take sausages out of oven, chop them up, add to sauce and then add whole black pitted olives.

It's one of my faves

lastqueenofscotland Wed 14-Jun-17 21:44:59

Planned up to Monday night now
Tonight was roasted med veg and chickpeas
Tomorrow will be baked spring rolls
Friday - I'll be at work late, so just a jacket potato with cheese and beans
Saturday - lentil bolognese
Sunday - mushroom and Bol Choi stirfry
Monday - tofu tikka masala

DailyMailDontStealMyThread Wed 14-Jun-17 22:13:46

Monday was chicken tikka strips, rice and coleslaw
Tuesday was the rest of the chicken tikka breasts in a wrap with halloumi and salad.
Tonight was scrambled egg, sausage, bacon, tomatoes, hash browns and beans.
Tomorrow fuck knows
Friday kebab night
Sat Chinese take away
Sun roast dinner

Adults all work full time with teens in and out doing clubs so there is a smattering of pot noodles, macdonalds and subway in the above for those not present.

we need to win the lottery so we can have a chef

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