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What are all the DHs cooking?

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CaptainWarbeck Sat 27-May-17 07:08:09

Mine has a repertoire of lasagne, spag bol and HFW's spouffle. He cooks twice a week and so these three dishes are getting rather a lot of exposure.

Apparently I'm selling him short; he also does a stir fry.

He doesn't like reading recipe books and finds the thought of a failed dinner scary (hmm) so wants to know what other DHs (and apparently everyone else too) out there are cooking.

Ideas for easy, adaptable for veggie, fail safe family meals please. Links to actual recipes get extra points!

Figaro2017 Sat 27-May-17 07:24:16

Well if he can cook spaghetti bol and lasagne, then he can cook chilli con carne and shepherds pie. Change the mince for chicken and broccoli in the shepherds pie and there's another dish. Once again change it for fish and you have fish pie.

A simple roast. Everyone can cook roast.

Look on the BBC Good Food website and you'll get simple curries using curry paste. Once you get your confidence you can start to add your own spices and so on.

It's all about confidence. I was a bloke with a limited repertoire a few years back. Now I'm starting catering college in September and I can't wait.

deathb4decaf Sat 27-May-17 07:42:48

My dp isn't confident in the kitchen but does

Thai curry (paste from a jar, can of coconut milk, meat and veg)
Chicken or steak fajitas
Steak with veg, pots/chips
Stir fry with a homemade sauce
Chicken with cheese wrapped in bacon type things
Baked salmon with pesto
We get the micro rice pouches and straight to wok noodles to make life easier.

I agree with pp if he can do spaghetti Bol he can do other things. Chilli? That can be made with lentils to make it veggie. Sweet potato curry is a nice veggie one too.

CaptainWarbeck Sun 28-May-17 02:45:53

The shepherds pie idea has gone down well (going to have that tonight), as has the curry made with paste and coconut milk.

I think it's a confidence thing as he's quite a decent cook (can make a bechamel for lasagne etc) but just doesn't get any joy out of it.

HeartsTrumpDiamonds Sun 28-May-17 02:57:35

My DH is good at "meat and two veg" type meals. He likes to use the BBQ for the "meat" part - sausages, steaks, pork chops etc.

I use the BBQ a lot too but like to be a bit more adventurous - I did pork tenderloin the other week and last night we had souvlaki night - chicken and pork skewers with green/red pepper and onions. All delish.

AtticusCactus Sun 28-May-17 03:19:21

DP isn't that good at cooking up entire meals but he'll do meat and fish beautifully on the BBQ. He also makes up lovely marinades with random ingredients.
He makes a crap cup of tea though. Bloody awful.

Kursk Sun 28-May-17 03:20:26

DH is very good at roasts, BBQ and cooked breakfast.

He does quite well being able to rustle up something when I think that there is no food in the house

Other than that he can cook most thinks to varying degrees.

Cookingongas Sun 28-May-17 09:28:53

Mine is limited but very good at what he cans do

Cottage and shepherds pie
Beans on toast
Spaghetti with garlic , chilli, parsley
Flatbreads with roast squash
Lemon drizzle cake

CaptainWarbeck Sun 28-May-17 09:38:42

I might see if I can get him on the barbecue, he does actually enjoy that.

Cookingongas can you tell me more about your flatbreads and squash? Sounds tasty.

NotCitrus Sun 28-May-17 09:55:47

Atticus How on earth can you make bad tea with a UK kettle? ??

MrNC will do pasta with sauce and veg, and the stir fry which has rice, egg, mushrooms and whatever meat or protein and veg he can find. Cans of chicken in white sauce are his standby. He is best as a kitchen minion so often I get as far as prepping veg and marinating meat and then he can take over and do the standing over the cooker part.

He can follow a recipe if it's in the book What to eat and how to cook it by Jane Hornby - designed to show exactly what to do in what order, no 'meanwhile' or 'put into a pre-prepared pan', and illustrations showing 'stir until it looks like pic 2'. The recipes are good but very rich and creamy so I couldn't eat much of the fish pie. The chicken wrapped in bacon is good though.

Cookingongas Sun 28-May-17 10:30:31

It's from high fearnly whittingstalls Veg! Everyday . The flatbreads are very easy (500g flour (half and half plain and bread) a sachet of yeast, 300ml water and a tablespoon of oil) cubed squash is roasted with thyme to go with them. It's one of my favourite meals

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 28-May-17 16:42:14

Mine is getting better. The best thing he makes is a paneer curry from Fresh India, which tastes as good as anything you'd get in a restaurant. He's also very pleased with himself because he's taught himself how to make cauliflower cheese recently, and his is better than mine. He's good at veggie shepherds pie, too.

CaptainWarbeck Thu 01-Jun-17 07:50:01

Veggie shepherds pie was a hit! AND he batch cooked an extra trayful for the freezer for when DC2 arrives. This thread has been brilliant.

He's thinking about the squash and flatbreads, and we have Fresh India, so might give him a kick up the bum to have a go at the paneer curry Remus, good suggestion.

He's also very interested in this Jane Hornby book with no nonsense instructions so I'm going to find that in the library. He hates recipes with methods like 'cook until done'.

BoyFromTheBigBadCity Sat 03-Jun-17 19:04:59

Fiona Beckett has a great book called 'beyond baked beans'. It's for students technically, but it's good because she assumes no prior knowledge, tells you how to cook loads of different veg, and easy tasty food for a crowd, and it's very straight forward to follow. She's not a chef (she's a wine expert), so it's all family style easy cooking, with how to make the whole meal - so her roast chicken recipe includes all the sides in the method. My favourite is her baked chicken with lemony potatoes (she was very kind to me when I tweeted and told her).

CaptainWarbeck Sun 04-Jun-17 11:07:48

Sounds good boy thank you, I'll look it up.

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