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Help with home made yoghurt

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aweewhilelonger Wed 17-May-17 10:58:41

I've inherited a yoghurt making machine and want to test it out before I decide whether to pass it on. It didn't come with an instruction book, and I've never made my own yoghurt. DH and I prefer thick, greek-style yoghurt, while the DCs like fruit-flavoured sweetened ones. I'm looking for some guidance as to what the various parts of the machine are for... and any favourite recipes, especially for child friendly i.e. sweetened yoghurts.

The machine has...

1 large outer bowl, with a plug, so presumably this is the bit that heats up
1 plastic bucket to sit inside the outer bowl
1 plastic-bucket-with-holes that sits inside the larger bucket, raised up on two little feet
1 lid that fits the larger plastic bucket
1 lid that fits the outer bowl
1 flat-sided scoop

I'm assuming that the yoghurt is made in the larger of the two plastic buckets? And that the one with holes in it is for strained yoghurts? For lids, should they both be on?

Thanks for any tips plus recipes that you like!

Blondie1984 Wed 17-May-17 17:41:07

What you are describing sounds like the one I have - these are the instructions

aweewhilelonger Thu 18-May-17 11:07:31

Thank you Blondie - that's pretty much it! All the others I found were fancier, with glass bowls, and / or individual jars.

I'll be trying it out very soon - looks quite simple.

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