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So come tell me how to make an omelette...

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MummyPenguin Thu 15-Mar-07 13:47:03

I've never really been sure how. Don't laugh! I can cook a variety of other things, but have never been too sure in the omelette department.

How many eggs for 2 adults and 3 children? Do I need to add milk to the beaten eggs? If I'm adding lots of ingredients such as mushrooms, ham etc. do I fry them a bit first then pour the beaten egg and milk (?) over the other ingredients? Then what do I do? What a Numpty eh?

Fancy making a yummy omelette soon and I know they're great for a quick meal. Tips greatly appreciated!

ScottishThistle Thu 15-Mar-07 13:54:25

I guess you'd need 5/6 eggs for 2adults/3children though I'd be tempted to make 2 seperate omelettes.

Fry all raw ingredients then pour on the milk/egg mixture, not too thick or it's a nightmare trying to flip it over!

mammaduck Thu 15-Mar-07 13:57:48

I'd do about 4-5 eggs for that number of people.

Basically fry up everything you want to put in it except the eggs first, in a pan that you can put under the grill. We often put in pre-cooked veg that need using up like steamed carrots or boiled potatoes chopped up small which are good because they make the dish really filling.

Then when it's all fried up, whisk the eggs, just add in a bit of milk, not too much. Pour the egg so that it runs all through the fried stuff. Leave it to set (takes longer than you think!). Finally, brown off the top by putting the entire frying pan under the grill.

Under no circumstances try to 'flip' the spanish omelette with a fish-slice. I tried once and it all ended in tears. Sticking it under the grill is much easier.

Good luck!

mammaduck Thu 15-Mar-07 13:59:01

Penguin: would like to point out that my idea is for what is called 'Spanish Omelette' which is much thicker and and more substantial than a normal omelette, which is what ScottishThistle is talking about.

CODalmighty Thu 15-Mar-07 13:59:27

ds1 makes one very mornign

he is8

wurlywurly Thu 15-Mar-07 14:00:34

i dont bother trying to flip mine, just shove it under the grill for a few minutes

funnypeculiar Thu 15-Mar-07 14:02:39

I never add milk - you lot are wierd...

ScottishThistle Thu 15-Mar-07 14:05:06

I don't add milk either & I prefer to flip my omelettes!...I make a rather perfect one even if I do say so myself, been making them since I was 10yo!

chopchopbusybusy Thu 15-Mar-07 14:05:15

I never add milk either and I'd want more than 4 or 5 eggs for 5 people!

zippitippitoes Thu 15-Mar-07 14:07:44

I normally make two egg omelettes but you could use slightly less

beat egg

hot pan with oil

pour in egg swirling around

pull edge to middle and make sure it puffs up nicely
swirl uncooked egg into space left by pulled into middle egg

just as browning undernetah fold and serve

zippitippitoes Thu 15-Mar-07 14:09:18

if add ing filling grill mushrooms first and add before folding ditto ham or grated cheese

LunarSea Thu 15-Mar-07 14:59:13

No milk here - and use a special double omelette pan (sort of like two pans with a hinge to join them together on the opposite side to the handles) - then flipping them is as easy as picking the pan up and turning it over.

TinyGang Thu 15-Mar-07 15:06:23

Not really for breakfast, but Spanish omelette is nice too. You can slice it up and have it with salad for lunch or dinner. Yummy.

Delia's recipe is the one I base mine on, but I add cheese, peppers, ham and sweetcorn as well.

oxocube Thu 15-Mar-07 15:53:12

where did you get your pan Lunarsea? I love making Spanish tortilla and that pan sounds perfect for turning it easily.

LunarSea Thu 15-Mar-07 16:51:50

oxocube - it was an Aldi special offer last Autumn. I'd never seen one quite like it before, but it's ACE for omelettes and I wouldn't be without it now. It's a bit like this - only the pan's bigger and it doesn't have the egg face!

MummyPenguin Fri 16-Mar-07 15:39:48

Just had chance to look back in on this. Thanks everyone. Wow, 8 yr olds making omelettes! It would be Cod's child.

Lots of ideas now.

LunarSea Thu 20-Sep-07 19:32:17

oxocube - if you're still around and still looking for a double omelette pan - they're on next week's specials at Lidl - £5.99

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