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Guests for dinner

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Designerenvy Sun 14-May-17 23:18:36

I'm having guests over for dinner next sat. There will be 4 of us. I'm not the best cook in the world but can follow a recipe. I'm planning on steak with homemade wedges and steamed veg with pepper sauce.
I'm stuck for a starter and desert
Any ideas wld be greatly appreciated, easy enough recipes too please. Thanks in advance.

user1491572121 Sun 14-May-17 23:32:40

If you're not a great cook I'd be wary of's tricky and nobody likes it the same you're almost gaurunteed that someone won't like the way you cook it.

I don't mean to worry you though. Unless of course steak is your forte?

I'd be tempted to make something different.

Smellyoulateralligater Sun 14-May-17 23:35:38

Dessert - is buy something like tart au citron with some raspberries and cream.

Starter... again I'd probably buy something. Maybe soup.

Sorry, not v exciting

Designerenvy Sun 14-May-17 23:49:49

Thanks. Well my dh and dm like my steak but then maybe they're just easily pleased ! Will have a think about it and maybe back to the drawing board for mains too. Maybe I'd be better off doing something I cld prepare earlier and just keep heated. I've done curry before for this group so need something else.
Maybe I will buy desert ?

wobblywonderwoman Sun 14-May-17 23:54:17

So they like salmon?

Salmon fillets sprinkled with Cajun spice and oven baked is easy

Cakescakescakes Sun 14-May-17 23:58:06

These are super easy and are beautiful with a scoop of naice vanilla ice cream on top. Can be made well in advance too!

Cakescakescakes Sun 14-May-17 23:59:54

For starter I'd do a lovely platter of chopped raw veg and breadsticks/grissini (pepper, carrot, cucumber etc) with (bought) dips like hummus, salsa, etc.

AdaColeman Mon 15-May-17 00:00:58

I'd do English asparagus as it's at it's best just now, cook it ahead of time in small batches in just a little water in the microwave. Serve it cold with vinaigrette dressing drizzled over it, or mayonnaise that you've stirred some finely grated lemon zest into.
Another nice summer starter is Parma ham with melon, make sure you get ripe melon.

You could do a cheese board with grapes and a couple of interesting breads as a very easy finish to the meal. wine

Pallisers Mon 15-May-17 00:01:40

I think i'd do a beef in red wine with wedges (or roasts) and veg - it will mean you don't have to be in the kitchen cooking steak when the guests arrive. But if you are confident about your steak, go for it. I am a good cook but wary about steak - I like it well done, nearly everyone else in the world wants it rear. - it is hard to get right for more than 2 people ime. I also like having something prepared the night before.

For starters, something like smoked salmon or crab cakes and salad

I'd buy desert - like a lemon cake or a cheesecake and serve it with berries and icecream.

Designerenvy Mon 15-May-17 00:06:21

The parma ham with melon sounds nice and refreshing ada.
Salmon wld be good wobbly, they like fish. I can cook fish's easy , quick.and tasty. Might just do that.
Cakes that looks fab for desert too.
I was thinking of nibbles/ platter of food as a starter but wasn't sure what to put on it. I want to keep it relaxed but I'm getting stressed already

IvorHughJarrs Mon 15-May-17 00:12:16

I was told years ago that if you are doing 3 courses, you should make 2 and assemble 1.

I often buy bits for a picky starter like bread, hummus, cherry tomatoes, olives, etc.
Make a main course. Salmon is good as easy to do, steak if you have done it before and know what to do or chicken breast wrapped in streaky bacon or pancetta
A great easy dessert is to put fresh fruit in a dish or individual dishes (I use sliced peaches, strawberries and raspberries), crumble over a good layer of ratafia or amaretti biscuits, spread over a layer of natural or vanilla yoghurt (Greek or creamy works best), sprinkle a thin layer of dark brown soft sugar on the top and leave it for a few hours in the fridge. The sugar melts into a dark caramel on top and it is really good plus made in advance so no stress

AdaColeman Mon 15-May-17 00:15:56

You could drizzle some Caesar salad dressing over the melon & Parma ham to zap it up a bit.

AdaColeman Mon 15-May-17 00:17:41

I agree that salmon perhaps baked in foil parcels would be less hassle than steak for four people.

Designerenvy Mon 15-May-17 00:31:12

Thanks, I do think salmon will be easier to master on the day. The melon and parma ham got me thinking of doing an antipesto style platter. No cooking, as ivor suggested and may appear more relaxed too.
Ada, that desert sounds good too.
Thanks so much for replies

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