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Christening lunch for 20. What do you think?

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BoredByTheChore Sun 14-May-17 17:45:29

Any advice appreciated!
My youngest is being baptised next weekend at 12 ( no choice over the time) after which I am doing lunch for about 20. We will need to come straight in and eat so I want to have everything ready to serve when we get in and I thought a cold buffet might work best.
I have some picky eaters and one person with severe allergies so the food has to be very plain with sauces on the side. Im doing:
A salmon
Chicken drumsticks
New potatoes
Pasta salad
Do you think it is ok to do all the meat and potatoes the day before and serve them cold? Do you know what the best way to safely store them is? Really grateful for any help!

Blondie1984 Mon 15-May-17 00:29:02

Yep that would be fine - the only thing that you really would be best to do on the day is the salad - but you could wash and chop the lettuce the day before
In terms of storage, once the meat is cooked you want to get it cooled down to fridge safe temperature as quickly as possible and into the fridge - and when it does it should either be in lidded containers or well wrapped in foil and placed on a plate or serving dish to catch any liquid that escapes
In the fridge you want to put it on a different shelf to any raw meat - and any unwrapped foods or ones that you will eat without cooking (e.g. cheese, fruit and veg) and ideally on a shelf on its own

BoredByTheChore Mon 15-May-17 09:58:37

Thank you! That's really helpful advice, exactly what I needed. Thanks!

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