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What goes well with steak teriyaki?

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hellokittymania Sun 14-May-17 04:58:19

The steak teriyaki is now in the slow cooker but I will need to go out this morning and buy something to go with it. What should I buy?

DuvetCaterpillar Sun 14-May-17 05:13:11

I'd do some sort of leafy greens (spinach, pak choi, kale, whatever) with chopped garlic and chillies in the wok. Done in three minutes flat, or five if you stick some sliced mushrooms in first.

hellokittymania Sun 14-May-17 05:26:25

Oh that sounds good! I don't have a wok but I could do it in my sauce pan.

thethoughtfox Sun 14-May-17 13:32:16

Edamame beans steamed with a little salt. They have them frozen in Tesco or fresh in little pots in Waitrose.

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