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What to serve was macaroni cheese?

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SnickersWasAHorse Sat 13-May-17 17:43:47

I have a friend who is Indian. She has lived in the UK for about 5 years. A while ago she invited me, DH and a couple of other friends to her house for a traditional Indian meal. As you can imagine it was just amazing, but she said that she was just cooking what she makes all the time for her family.

I asked her what English food she would like me to cook in return and she said that the one dish that she really wants to learn how to make is macaroni cheese! I make a cracking macaroni cheese so I am happy with this. However I don't make it very often as it's not really enough of a meal in itself in my opinion.

This leaves me with a question. She wants to come and visit and learn how to make it, and I'll also invite the other friends too, but it's not really enough of a dish to serve on it's own for a meal.
What would you put with it? I want some side dishes really that are very 'English', by which I mean anything that we would eat in England, rather than vert traditional English food. I don't want to 'jazz up' or change the macaroni cheese in any way as this is what she is coming for.
Also, it needs to be vegi as DH and I are both vegetarian and my friend is Hindu.

PotteringAlong Sat 13-May-17 17:45:17

Just a big green salad?

isthistoonosy Sat 13-May-17 17:45:19

Id just have salad and maybe garlic bread with it.

IHaveBrilloHair Sat 13-May-17 17:46:04

Chips are often served with it here in Scotland, it's v stodgy but delicious.

2cats2many Sat 13-May-17 17:47:22

I would say some garlic fried ribbon courgettes for greeness and flavour. I love a mac n cheese but it can taste awful gluggy without something to cut through it.

HeyCat Sat 13-May-17 17:48:07

Green vegetables - especially broccoli, peas, leeks.

I'm vegetarian and often make mac cheese with butter beans in it for extra protein but you could do them as a side dish if you prefer. Use tinned beans, just sauté them maybe with some onions and garlic.

PocketNiffler Sat 13-May-17 17:50:08

We sometimes have vegetarian chilli with mac and cheese? And a nice leafy salad 🥗

Pinkheart5917 Sat 13-May-17 17:51:53

Green salad

Sometimes garlic bread too

SnickersWasAHorse Sat 13-May-17 17:53:09

A vegi chilli is an interesting idea. Although I expect it would be to mild for her! She often gives me some of her left overs and says 'this isn't too hot' and it blows my head off.
Big salad is a good plan.
I thought about garlic bread but I worried about it being a carb fest.

AdaColeman Sat 13-May-17 17:53:50

Green beans a la Greque
Crispy mushrooms or garlic mushrooms
Roast English asparagus (in season now)
Fresh peas cooked with lettuce and cream
Romanesque cauliflower and or broccoli

Tenpastlate Sat 13-May-17 17:54:57

Grilled or roasted tomatoes, petits pois and broccoli

munchkinmaster Sat 13-May-17 17:57:14

Americans seem to have it as a side for meat. So you could make chicken escalopes if you want? Liike a chicken Milanese. I'd rather broccoli or salad

Alexandra87 Sat 13-May-17 17:59:54

I put vegetables in mine and then have with salad

SnickersWasAHorse Sat 13-May-17 18:03:09

I think it needs to be something green as any more dairy based food could get a bit much. Especially as my Indian friend doesn't eat much dairy normally.

cookielove Sat 13-May-17 18:03:17

We serve it at work with peas, sweetcorn and garlic bread! In my mind that is the only thing that works 😂

LilQueenie Sat 13-May-17 18:04:51

I often serve topped with sliced tomato and broccoli at the side.

PurpleDaisies Sat 13-May-17 18:07:57

You have to have garlic bread! Forget the carb on carb. Let's face it, it's not exactly health food. grin

I serve mine with garlic bread and peas/broccoli. Sometimes I add leeks/ham/cauliflower/broccoli to the main macaroni cheese.

Alyx80 Sat 13-May-17 18:23:03

Peas and garlic bread!

Bejazzled Sat 13-May-17 18:24:44

Finely chopped fried onions and ketchup and buttered toast
probably just me

OhTheRoses Sat 13-May-17 18:31:04

You could do a green leafy salad and a mozzarella pearl, blackbolice and baby plum tomato salad with torn basil leaves, good olive oil and a tiny sprinkling of chilli flakes - just a pinch and garlic bread.

BuzzKillington Sat 13-May-17 18:35:09

Not garlic bread! That's just a stodgy step too far.

We'd have it with a big bowl of rocket.

Hiphopopotamus Sat 13-May-17 18:36:54

Salad and chicken strips

chipsandpeas Sat 13-May-17 18:37:36

chips and/or garlic bread.....scottish and love a carb fest

AnotherEmma Sat 13-May-17 18:40:46

I don't think macaroni cheese is particularly British - isn't it American? But I guess we've adopted it in the same way we adopt a lot of American things!

I think green salad or green veg go well with mac n cheese. But we don't do sides, we make a slightly healthier version with bacon, leeks and peas:

AnotherEmma Sat 13-May-17 18:41:26

(You could leave out the bacon!)

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