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Your Best Home Made Coleslaw Recipes Please

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Solo Thu 11-May-17 00:20:49

Love coleslaw, but it works out very expensive as I use it daily in salads, on jacket spuds etc so wondering what your home made recipes are please?

Justmuddlingalong Thu 11-May-17 00:25:08

Shredded cabbage, bit of grated carrot, thinly sliced onion. A few dashes of vinegar, a squirt of lemon juice ( I use the stuff in the plastic bottle). Mayo and salad cream, or just mayo. Pinch of salt.

Highlove Thu 11-May-17 08:16:16

Google Felicity Cloake's coleslaw. Delicious. Keeps happily for a good few days. (Rarely lasts that long though..)

cantfindname Fri 12-May-17 06:01:57

A shake of cayenne makes all the difference! Red cabbage is also good as is red onion... but never grate red onion into it as it 'bleeds' and looks awful. You can also add some sultanas or some roughly chopped walnuts, or pine nuts.. the list is endless.

Lunaballoon Fri 12-May-17 06:09:45

Shredded white cabbage, grated carrot, an apple cut into small pieces and a few chopped walnuts, a bit of finely sliced red onion (optional), tossed with mayonnaise with a little added grainy mustard and lemon juice.The apple and walnuts really sets it apart from shop-bought coleslaw!

exLtEveDallas Fri 12-May-17 06:12:16

I do red cabbage, white cabbage, onion, carrot, mayo (or natural yoghurt if dieting), plus one desert spoon of horseradish (for bite) and one desert spoon of sandwich spread (for acid)

Solo Fri 12-May-17 09:09:45

Thanks! These sound great. My Mum always used to make it (and I did too but years - no, decades ago) with white cabbage, grated carrot, small pieces of cauliflower, sultanas and raw peanuts all in natural yoghurt. It was really good, really crunchy, but Dd doesn't like sultanas and not keen on cauliflower hence the wanting new ideas of home made. I didn't want to leave those things out of our recipe.

I like the idea of horseradish in it, but not sandwich spread.

I shall try all of these variations over the summer months smile Thank you all thanks

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