Can only eat certain colour foods on certain days. What goes with sweetcorn and smash

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pollychrome Tue 13-Mar-07 19:22:25

I have trouyble with my nerves and can only eat certain colour foods on certain days. My husband is getting fed up of this but I can't help myself. I want to show him I can cook decent meals even while sticking to the proper colour for the day. So what can I give him that goes with sweetcorn and smash, as today is a yellow day?

PestoMonster Tue 13-Mar-07 19:23:21


pollychrome Tue 13-Mar-07 19:23:55

We are having bananas and custard for dessert but what about the main course?

colditz Tue 13-Mar-07 19:24:25

smoked haddock

colditz Tue 13-Mar-07 19:24:53

Chicken korma

funnypeculiar Tue 13-Mar-07 19:25:16

smoked haddock
Grilled yellow peppers
Flageolet beans (sp)

McDreamy Tue 13-Mar-07 19:25:24

fish fingers

pollychrome Tue 13-Mar-07 19:25:30

I have not got any fish in the house in fact I cant eat fish but that is another story.

colditz Tue 13-Mar-07 19:25:35

Cauliflower cheese

zippitippitoes Tue 13-Mar-07 19:25:35

people eat smash

misc Tue 13-Mar-07 19:25:48

Poached smoked haddock would be lovely with sweetcorn and mash. Not sure my husband would be convinced on the certain colour thing either, surely its a bit hard long term?
Good luck

McDreamy Tue 13-Mar-07 19:26:05


PestoMonster Tue 13-Mar-07 19:26:05

Yellow peppers in chicken fajitas?

pollychrome Tue 13-Mar-07 19:26:08

Chickpeas are not yellow enough, we have them on a brown day.

misc Tue 13-Mar-07 19:26:33

Sorry no fish, took too long lot are so quick!

mrsjohnsim Tue 13-Mar-07 19:26:47

yellow split peas?

colditz Tue 13-Mar-07 19:27:34

What, not even Cod?

BizzyDint Tue 13-Mar-07 19:27:59

may i ask do you have blue days? what do you eat then..other than blueberries? they don't make blue smarties anymore..

tinkerbellhadpiles Tue 13-Mar-07 19:28:02

-Chicken soup
-Vanilla sponge
-Bananas in custard
-Advocaat (kidding it's horrid stuff)
- cheese omelette
- lemon fanta?
- white wine
- double cream vanilla ice cream

Oh dammit, I'm hungry now!

pollychrome Tue 13-Mar-07 19:28:30

omelette is a great idea, thanks. Yes it is hard in the long term but we manage to get along mostly. Am nervous about next week as husband's boss is coming for dinner on Wednesday. I should be ok as Wednesday is usually a red day so have planned beetrrot soup, pesto with red cabbage and jelly and straweberry icecream for dessert. But someitmes I wake up and find it is a different colour to what I expected and then I could be in real trouble,.

Thanks for all suggestions.

hunkermunker Tue 13-Mar-07 19:29:04

Do you have synaesthesia?

PestoMonster Tue 13-Mar-07 19:29:23

Can you cheat with food colouring?

Eg saffron rice?

pollychrome Tue 13-Mar-07 19:29:46

We have not had a blue day for 4 years thank goodness but it was Christmas Day 2002

My husband took the kids to spend the day with his mother

pollychrome Tue 13-Mar-07 19:30:14

Hunkermunker no I don't think they have it in tescos.

zippitippitoes Tue 13-Mar-07 19:30:43


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