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Easy meals for Scout camp for 80 people

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BrieAndChilli Thu 27-Apr-17 10:47:03

I am head 'chef' for an upcoming scout camp for 80 people.
I need to come up with a cheapish easy menu for the weekend.
Equipment wise I will have 4 gas hob rings to cook on, no electric at all and cold running water. I can precook something at home on the Thursday night and freeze if necessary.

I need
Friday night - supper, they will have already had evening meal at home before they come
Sat - filling breakfast
Evening meal
Supper of hot choc and smores
Sun - breakfast before they go home so doesn't need to be too much.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Thu 27-Apr-17 10:54:15

I presume you will have help, and that you have suitably massive pots? If you make everything vegetarian that will simplify things.

Supper - hot chocolate

Saturday breakfast: Porridge (although a pig to wash up), breakfast cereals, french toast.

Sat lunch: Sandwiches / crisps / fruit. They can make their own sandwiches / wraps and get their own crisps and fruit.

Sat dinner: veggie chilli and rice, stewed fruit and readymade custard.

Sun breakfast: anything left over

MrsTrentReznor Thu 27-Apr-17 10:55:20

For the first time this year we did pasta for dinner on Saturday.
Choice of Bolognese, cheese sauce or tomato and basil sauce. (4 Rings!) The whole lot got eaten. Every cub found something they liked even if they just had some pasta with a bit of grated cheese on.
We had salad too. If more pasta is needed it's only a 10 minute cook time. It was brilliant! I'm never going back to bangers and mash again!

Rodent01 Thu 27-Apr-17 10:56:02

JUst done Guide camp for 75 but on open fire so more space:

Fry Couple of bags of frozen onion and chopped up bacon then add frozen sweet corn and tinned tomatoes with some purée and herb de Provence thrown in. Then mix all into pasta. Grated cheese on top

"Sweet fried egg" - slice of Swiss roll with half a tinned peach on top and a circle of whipped cream round it to look like a fried egg

Cereal and sausages in rolls for breakfast.

Or a load of scrambled eggs

Or load of fried / eggy bread

Any of that help??!

Also done in the past;

Quorn mince spag Bol
Chicken, onion and mushroom with some chicken soup to make a sauce and then on rice

Lunches - sarnies - diy.
Sausage / cheese and onion rolls / crisps

Individually wrapped cake bars for snacks
Cereal bars for snacks

CrystalQueen Thu 27-Apr-17 11:16:11

WE tend to have hot dogs on a roll for Friday supper. (guides)
Bacon roll and cereal for Sat breakfast. You can keep bacon hot (ish) in a cool box wrapped in foil.

Make your own sandwich / wrap for lunch - just put out everything on a table and they help themselves.

Curry with nan (saves cooking rice) or chicken fajitas (same). Meringue with fruit (tinned or otherwise) and squooshy cream.

Good luck!

BrieAndChilli Thu 27-Apr-17 11:17:27

Some good ideas thanks.
Yes plenty of big pots etc.

All the kids will be bring a cake/traybake or something similar so don't need to worry about snacks and will buy plenty of fruit.

Eggy bread is a good idea, most kids love it.

AtleastitsnotMonday Thu 27-Apr-17 13:13:50

I've done lots of catering for guide scout events and work in a boarding school so have a fairly good idea as to what goes down well.
Am I right in thinking no oven or fire?

Juice, cereal (weetabix and shreddies most popular unless you are serving coco pops in which case nothing else gets a look in!)
Eggy bread v popular but not the easiest to do for large numbers particularly if no oven to keep it warm.
Sausage sandwiches probably easiest.
Breads and spreads
For breakfast before you go on Sun opt for continental to cut washing up. Croissants are always a hit.
For main evening meal pasta bolognaise is probably the safest bet. Pasta with cheese sauce for veggies and those that don't like bolognaise. Just make sure sauce and pasta served separately.
Lunch - help yourself affair with rolls, cheese, tuna, ham, egg, salad and anything else you fancy.
Will you have access to a fire?
If so I would do crumpets on the fire for the first night along with hotchoc.

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