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your favourite smoothie/juices recipes

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Wordsaremything Thu 06-Apr-17 19:10:11

I bought a nutri bullet blender/ juicer, after watching 'fat , sick and nearly dead ' on Netflix last month. A real eye opener and I now use it every day. A great aid to gradual weight loss. Tho I wouldn't advocate having nothing but juices as the man in the film did.

Trying out all manner of things!

My favourite so far is oranges, milk ( yes really) and vanilla essence. Yumm
Dates yoghurt cinnamon and banana.
And of the green variety:
Kale, apple celery cucumber and ginger.

Frozen berries do well in it and you can freeze bananas on the turn and use those to thicken/ chill.

What are yours, and any top tips?

Chipsandonionrings Thu 06-Apr-17 19:15:09

I love beetroot ( cooked vac packed ones) with a whole orange ( peeled) and ginger mixed with a cup of water or ice cubes.

I always add ice cubes as they are better cold. I use bags of frozen fruit.

Love my ninja nutri not lost any weight but nice fruit and veg smoothies has to be better for breakfast than sugary cereal.

Wordsaremything Fri 07-Apr-17 20:15:34

Ooh that sounds good. Not a fan I f beetroot normally but pleasantly surprised when I put it in with something ( not orange, will try that one.) thank you!

chloechloe Mon 10-Apr-17 09:27:11

Stupid question about frozen bananas - do you peel them before freezing? In the past I've just stuck brown bananas in the freezer but then the skin is impossible to remove!

I'm looking for some green smoothie recipes too as I eat far too little veg at the moment.

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