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Breakfast ideas for school mornings?

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CheeseQueen Mon 03-Apr-17 20:28:54

Hi, I'm in need of inspiration for easy breakfast ideas on school mornings, please!
I've got an increasingly fussy teenager who always used to eat breakfast without fail, but claims he's bored of cereal, toast, porridge, and fruit. hmm We've always got plenty of food in and available, he's just turning his nose up at it all! hmm
Some mornings he's going out of the house with no breakfast but I'll give him some money to get something to eat at break instead which is around 10am, but that's a long way to go from breakfast and I'm not happy about not eating much/if anything before school! I can hardly force feed him though even if I secretly want to.
What can I offer to entice him to get something eaten before he leaves for school? Not got time for a cooked breakfast type stuff...
ideas, please?!.

DubiousCredentials Mon 03-Apr-17 20:30:39

Dh likes those toaster egg waffles from Aldi. They are nice just on their own.

aleC4 Mon 03-Apr-17 20:31:50

Pastries - brioche, croissants, pain au chocolate etc. Dd is a nightmare to feed at breakfast and this is about all she'll eat. Getting her to drink is a whole other story.....

Gileswithachainsaw Mon 03-Apr-17 20:32:43

Bacon and cream cheese bagel?

Bacon won't take any lo her to cook than the bagel will to toast.

Fried egg on toast is quick too again no lo her than waiting for toast to pop up.

Toasted muffins with bacon and egg

Cook some sausage the day before will keep for a day or two and slice up as needed when making toast/bagel eye

FiveGoMadInDorset Mon 03-Apr-17 20:32:45

I make waffles and pancakes and freeze them and then reheat them in the toaster, scrambled eggs take as long as toast takes in the toaster

ohdoadoodoo Mon 03-Apr-17 20:35:28

I need something carby in the morning to make me feel full. Fruit/porridge/cereal doesn't cut it.

Poached egg on toast
Dippy egg and soldiers
Ham and cucumber pita
Sausage/bacon sandwich
Hash browns and beans
Tinned tomatoes on toast

Thirtyrock39 Mon 03-Apr-17 20:37:10

I do eggy bread which is probably not mega healthy but is quick.
bagels ?

CheeseQueen Mon 03-Apr-17 21:34:22

Some great ideas here, thanks! Keep them coming, please smile

Dh likes those toaster egg waffles from Aldi. They are nice just on their own.
Not heard of these, but often shop in Aldi. Will have a lookout for them when I'm next in.
Getting some croissants and brioche in is a good idea, pretty sure he'd go for those.

CheeseQueen Mon 03-Apr-17 21:36:25

Forgot to say can't fry or cook eggs due to my allergy. (I'd make him do it himself and shut the door which he sometimes does on a weekend when he wants eggs) but on a weekday I'm all on to get his arse out of bed in time to get dressed and out the door, never mind cooking himself something... ) (sigh)

RockyBird Mon 03-Apr-17 21:37:06

Pancakes, I make up the batter the night before
Bacon and eggs
Cheese toasties

Gileswithachainsaw Mon 03-Apr-17 21:38:40

Cheese/ham/mushroom toastie make up night before then cook in sandwich toaster in morning?

Rshard Mon 03-Apr-17 21:40:44

Iwe do quick breakfasts as dd swims 2 mornings a week before school. We do bacon the night before and then microwave it in the morning. Or sausages. She has that with omelette, scrambled or poach eggs which dh or I do while she's getting ready. Salmon and bagel is another option we do. Also overnight oats.

She's always starving after 90 minutes so needs to be quick and filling.

MarzipanPiggy Mon 03-Apr-17 21:44:48

Spanish omelet or egg and veggie loaf. Make in advance (not you obviously as you are allergic) and warm up in microwave.

Warburton sandwich thins with cheese in them toasted. Yum.

MarzipanPiggy Mon 03-Apr-17 21:47:11

Has someone said toasted fruit loaf with butter yet? Also very delicious. Or those breakfast pancakes you can toast.

AtleastitsnotMonday Mon 03-Apr-17 21:57:28

Savoury flapjack?

AtleastitsnotMonday Mon 03-Apr-17 21:58:59

Cheese and baked bean pittas ( can be done in microwave)

Waddlelikeapenguin Mon 03-Apr-17 22:02:15

Drop Scones
But some people (my DH) don't want to eat until they've been up for a while but better make sure he does eat before he gets hangry

1nsanityscatching Mon 03-Apr-17 22:04:27

Ham and cheese in those toastie pockets really quick and easy.
Sweet waffles with fruit or maple syrup.
Sausage sandwich is one of dd's favourites.
Hash browns,bacon and beans.

MilkRunningOutAgain Fri 07-Apr-17 21:31:28

My DS did this for a couple of years but is now back eating breakfast again, he is now nearly 15. Through primary he generally ate a good breakfast, just cereal or porridge or toast. I did try to tempt him with Frosties, and ham & cheese rolls but nothing worked, so in the end I gave up. Then he just started asking for it again, and is back on cereal & toast. He loves toasted hot cross buns at this time of year!

shirleycartersaidso Fri 07-Apr-17 22:05:17

Mine have 'continental breakfast' - cheese, ham, fruit and yogurt. Seems to fill them up.

lastqueenofscotland Sat 08-Apr-17 13:09:58

Scrambled egg or beans on toast are super quick?

EasterRobin Sat 08-Apr-17 13:16:24

You can buy packs of 6/8 pre-made scotch pancakes that make a very quick breakfast (2 packs for £1 at Tesco). You can hear them in the toaster or eat them cold. Particularly useful for eating in the car if you are running late.

originalbiglymavis Sat 08-Apr-17 13:21:12

Bircher? It's like myself but you soak it over night in milk or apple juice and it's actually rater nice.

I'm a lazy sod and have china bowls that have plastic lids so you just have to take the top off in the morning.

tarheelbaby Sat 08-Apr-17 17:06:50

Microwaved sausage roll with honey drizzled over it is a favourite in our house.

Cook extra sausages/bacon one night and keep the spares in the fridge to microwave.

Babybels to take in his blazer pocket for on the bus to tide him over til break?

KitKat1985 Wed 12-Apr-17 19:52:43


Bagels with something like cream cheese or peanut butter?

A fruit flapjack or granola bar slice?

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