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Use by date - chicken WWYD

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foodiefil Thu 30-Mar-17 08:02:33

I didn't realise the use by date was 29th (the day after it was delivered by Sainsbury's 😔) would you eat it tonight?

WellErrr Thu 30-Mar-17 08:03:22

How does it smell?

foodiefil Thu 30-Mar-17 08:06:21

Haven't opened it yet - what smell is ok and what's chuck it away? X

cdtaylornats Thu 30-Mar-17 10:52:39

If you smell it and its off you'll know.

It is only one day so its 99.9% chance of being fine.

foodiefil Thu 30-Mar-17 21:18:26

Thanks, we've eaten it. Still alive...

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