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Cake question

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Onlyaplasticbagdear Wed 15-Mar-17 10:22:15

I'm making Nigella's victoria sandwich recipe for my son's birthday tomorrow. Recipe is for an 8 inch sandwich tin but I only have a 7 inch. Will it still work or should I adjust the amounts? And if so how much by?

MsHippo Wed 15-Mar-17 14:11:32

A 7 inch tin is approximately 3/4 the surface area of an 8 inch tin, so your final cake will end up quite a bit thicker than the recipe. However it will probably take a bit longer to cook so test it with a skewer before you take it out. Alternatively you could cut down the mixture by 1/4 for the planned thickness - that will probably cook a bit quicker than the recipe.

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