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Hello Fresh

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clarabellb Wed 15-Mar-17 08:36:23

Anybody used/using Hello Fresh?

Is it any good?

DrizzleHair Thu 16-Mar-17 07:32:25

My phone just lost the long detailed reply I typed out!

I used it and summary: overpriced for mediocre recipes. Far too much wastage due to providing every last ingredient - it felt condescending to be given one single teaspoon of peppercorns / cumin in its own little plastic pot.

Portions are generous though.

I may use it again when I have people staying for a few days and I can't be arsed to meal plan for lots of dinners.
However it markets itself as a service for cooks. It is not. It is a service for people who can't / don't normally cook and have lots of spare money. If you fall in that category it'll suit you well. If you don't meet either of those criteria avoid!

MsJuniper Thu 16-Mar-17 07:34:32

Also I found the sales tactics very full-on and the T&C tricksy.

ShouldHaveListenedInBiology Thu 16-Mar-17 07:41:03

I had a few boxes once a fortnight after a free trial, it came in handy as we are in the midst of renovations and I've been unwell so it was convenient for a bit. But it is expensive and there is a lot of chopping involved! I have the recipes now so can replicate them and it has introduced a few new dishes to my repertoire so from that perspective I'd say it's worth a try, but we couldn't afford to do it on a long term basis.

tsonlyme Thu 16-Mar-17 07:45:05

My boyfriend uses it and he's cooked me some very nice meals despite asserting that he can't cook, more interesting things than I usually bother to rustle up. Then again it does seem quite pricy but I'm not the one paying for it or wrangling with the T&Cs 😁

Seems to have a lot of packaging waste with the tiny portions needed for each recipe.

Itmustbemyage Thu 16-Mar-17 08:32:22

Have used it in the past. Had got into a bit of a rut with cooking the same meals over and over ( vegetarian) got it on a deal ( they seem to pop up regularly). Loved the recipes, agree they are very generous servings, and now cook them myself. I found it easy to cancel and beyond them sending more offers, not found them a nuisance in any way. Too expensive for me to use them all the time though, but if I could afford it, and they reduced the huge packaging I would use them more.

clarabellb Thu 16-Mar-17 08:51:14

Okay thanks everyone smile

Was intrigued but don't think I'll bother as doesn't sound like it's for me after all!

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