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Eat Your Books free 3 month trial

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1frenchfoodie Mon 06-Mar-17 22:36:41

I recently, through this forum (thanks cookingongas) discovered - a site that has indexes of recipes from thousands of cookery books and links through to recipes from thousands of cookery magazines and 80+ popular food blogs. You can save the magazine/blog recipes to your own personal online bookshelf, and the indexed book recipes from books you add to your 'bookshelf' there too (it shows title and main ingredients). You can then search for a recipe by ingredients you fancy or need to use up. Other features are an ability to book ark recipes you fancy trying, to make your iwn notes on recipes and to read other peoples notes.

I'm probably not doing a great job of explaining it but I have found it great, I lost a whole weekend when I first found it.

You can have free membership where you get just 5 books on your bookshelf but unlimited blogs and online recipes. It is normaly $3 a month for full membership but Food52 are offering a 3 month free trial (ostensibly to members of their cookbook club but I didn't have to prove that) with the code F5217

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