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Easiest roast dinner?

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Ktay Sun 05-Mar-17 09:43:09

Contemplating doing a roast lunch; have cooked them before but as a vegetarian I struggle to work out when they're cooked properly. What's the most foolproof meat to cook nicely - pref not chicken as they've had a lot of that lately?

yohoohoo Sun 05-Mar-17 11:29:00

Slow cooker I put in a joint of pork or Gammon at 8.30am on high done for 1pm. Or today Ive git braising steak onions mushrooms carrots and butternut squash chunks cooking away in it. Pop in a veg stick gel and instant rhick gravy. You can then do your roast potatoes and yorkies in the oven and veg on the stove

Ktay Sun 05-Mar-17 19:57:11

Thank you! Hope you enjoyed your lunch. I just went with soup in the end blush

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