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Pulled pork recipe - AGA

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Poosnu Sat 04-Mar-17 15:11:56

I have ended up with a 2kg pork shoulder joint to be cooked in our AGA (2 oven).

Can anyone share a pulled pork recipe that would work? I have never cooked it before.

Thanks in advance.

tb Tue 07-Mar-17 16:30:31

When I've cooked pork shoulder or hock, I've braised them overnight in cider in the simmering oven.

I generally chuck in a couple of bay leaves, peppercorns and a clove, and if I'm feeling really fancy a carrot and an onion.

The next day, I strain off the liquid and then pass it through a sieve filled with kitchen paper that's been dampened - it makes the fat stick on the paper and the stock goes through.

The stock can then be boiled down to make a lovely syrupy gluey gravy.

If there's a bone in I remove it and then bang the meat up at the top of the roasting oven to crisp the skin.

Any leftovers can be crsiped up a bit and used to make sandwiches - in a baguette with hoisin sauce and cucumber.

tb Tue 07-Mar-17 16:31:12

I'm on a diet and am now very hungry sad

Poosnu Tue 07-Mar-17 20:41:42

Thanks - amazing tips here. I'm new to AGA cooking.

Do you cover the pork in the simmering oven? When I have cooked stock overnight in that oven I get burnt bits on the inside of the lid.

Also how much liquid?

tb Thu 09-Mar-17 15:00:21

Enough liquid to cover it and usually in a pot with a lid. I've got a few large le creuset casseroles that I bought in their factory shop (and therefore affordable).

Apparently, all Agas have a different temperature in their simmering oven. I've had 2 2-oven ones - a conversion and a new gas one and now have a 4-oven electric. The simmering oven in the current one is really hot, and with something like a bolognese sauce the tomato can get a little burned and bitter if I'm not careful. So it's better to use the warming oven.

If you look on the plate by the thermometer at the top, there is a small number in one corner. Each thermometer is calibrated and there are 10 versions of the plate.

The GH Aga books are better than the Mary Berry one, and there is a brilliant little book by Catherine Blakeley - the Aga owners' cook book that you might be able to find out of print.

Our simmering oven is so hot that the Christmas cake takes under 5 hours when in Catherine's book the time is 11 hours!

Once you're used to it, you can just adapt ordinary recipes without much problem.

Have you made scotch pancakes on the simmering plate yet? The boiling plate is also really good for ageing treasure maps so that the paper's brown.

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