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Rachel Allen Carrot Cake -can't get topping to set

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MathsFiend Fri 03-Mar-17 14:25:26

Trying once more to make Rachel Allen's carrot cake from her Bake book. The cake itself is lovely, but I cannot get the cream cheese topping to set! In her book, she says it should be thick, but it always ends up runny for me. Tried again and omitted the orange zest in case it is the oil from that which us the problem, but still coming out runny. Help!

Ingredients are:

250g cream cheese
50g butter
275g icing sugar
1tsp vanilla essence
Zest of one orange

putanotherlogon Fri 03-Mar-17 14:28:30

Are you using full fat cream cheese? The reduced fat ones just turn liquid.
Also, is the cake properly cooked?

AssassinatedBeauty Fri 03-Mar-17 14:29:59

I agree with full fat cream cheese, and I prefer Philadelphia as it seems less prone to this than supermarket own brands. Also you have to be really gentle with it and don't mix it hard.

PurpleDaisies Fri 03-Mar-17 14:30:14

Are you using full fat cream cheese? Low fat goes runny on me. You could try chilling it and seeing if it firms up.

I use the one from nigella' chocolaye Guinness cake. It's the nicest cream cheese icing I've had.

80ml double cream lightly whipped, 200g cream cheese, 100g icing sugar. You could add the orange zest and I bet it would be delicious.

ChortledTheLion Fri 03-Mar-17 14:33:23

Add the icing sugar gradually. Too much icing sugar makes cream cheese icing runnier, not stiffer. Different cheeses have different capacities for sugar, so add it gradually to find the right amount for your cheese. Also better to undermix than overbeat. And have the butter softened and room temperature, but the cream cheese chilled so they mix easily. Too much mixing to incorporate the butter can be lethal.

putanotherlogon Fri 03-Mar-17 14:34:55

Cooled not cooked blush

Coralfish Fri 03-Mar-17 17:01:25

Ditto the full fat cream cheese. Also: is it actual butter? My sister kept complaining about her icing when she was using Olivio (or whatever it's called now!) instead of butter!!

CMOTDibbler Fri 03-Mar-17 17:20:30

The Aldi cream cheese is very good for making frosting as it has less water than philly. Or you can press the water out

MathsFiend Fri 03-Mar-17 17:47:52

Yes, full fat cream cheese and real butter. The icing is runny before it even gets to the cake. Might be over mixing the butter..... aargh! I tried chilling it but to no avail.

AssassinatedBeauty Fri 03-Mar-17 17:49:10

I've found once it's gone runny that there's nothing that will get it back, sadly.

TobleroneBoo Fri 03-Mar-17 17:50:46

Are you using Philadelphia? I've always found that when I think " ooh that's on offer, I'll use that" rather than own brand, mine hasn't set

antimatter Sat 04-Mar-17 10:14:13

I wonder if the temperature of ingredients (butter and philly) makes some difference.

BlueBlueSkies Sat 04-Mar-17 16:00:36

I disagree with pp who said that the butter should be soft and the cheese cold.

I usually get both to room temperature. When I have used the cheese cold, it has chilled the butter when mixing and I find flecks of butter and runny frosting.

MathsFiend Sat 04-Mar-17 19:46:26

Yeah, used Philidelphia. Recipe said fridge-cold cheese and room temp butter.

Suspect it was overbeating the cheese and butter.i used electric beaters, so think will try just hand mixing next time.

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