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Fish pie help!

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Lighthouser Tue 21-Feb-17 20:31:44

I've made an error and bought one of those packs of fresh mixed fish for making fish pie, planning to use it on Friday but just noticed the use by date is Thursday. D'oh.

I'm working too late all week to come home and cook more than a few minutes, so on days like those use my slow cooker so we can get in, plate up, eat and get the toddler to bed. We're out of the house for 9 to 10 hours so the slow cooker would kill a fish pie.

Any ideas?!

IHeartKingThistle Tue 21-Feb-17 20:33:08

Stick it in the freezer. You can poach it in the milk straight from frozen just the same, just takes a couple more minutes.

Bubbinsmakesthree Tue 21-Feb-17 20:33:30

I'd just stick it at the back of the fridge and use it on Friday as planned providing it passed the sniff test.

Lighthouser Tue 21-Feb-17 21:07:39

Ha Bubbins, I was tempted but can't aid too risk wasting it!

IHeartKingThistle (I do too!! grin) great... I had no idea I could do that! I'll pop it in the freezer now, ta!

IHeartKingThistle Tue 21-Feb-17 21:39:21

Happy to be of assistance!

Deathraystare Wed 22-Feb-17 11:56:04

Can I have some when you do it? I keep meaning to get those packs from Iceland (well, one. I share a freezer) but keep forgetting to get it.

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