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What do you eat for breakfast to stay full until lunch?

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MeadowHay Fri 10-Feb-17 15:46:32

I'm not a big breakfast eater but because of that I swear I spend most of my mornings perpetually hungry at uni and then have to fight the urge not to eat my lunch by about 11am. The other day I had three scotch pancakes with loads of butter, a babybell, and a nutri-grain bar (and obligatory cup of tea) for breakfast and was actually full until lunchtime. It was brill.

I've tried eating cereal but the portion sizes on the box are so tiny but then I worry if I eat much more it's bad for me...but then again not as bad as eating lots of crap snack stuff before lunch surely. If you eat cereal do you stick with the recommended portion sizes?

What and how much do you eat for breakfast to keep full until lunch??

Juveniledelinquent Fri 10-Feb-17 15:47:37


Crunchyside Fri 10-Feb-17 15:49:10

Two breakfasts blush 1 slice of peanut butter on toast at home at 7am and a croissant with a latte at the office at 9am! I am pregnant so using that as an excuse...

How about snacks between breakfast and lunch? Fruit?

Love51 Fri 10-Feb-17 15:50:40

Eggs and toast. Mushroom omelette or poached eggs.

preciouspig Fri 10-Feb-17 15:52:21

Beans on toast

ASilhouetteAndNothingMore Fri 10-Feb-17 15:52:52

Egg on toast. Scrambling some eggs takes the same time as cooking porridge.
When I was a student I did a placement that started at 7 and I wouldn't get break until 1pm if we were busy so I had to make sure I didn't get hungry. Took a while to get used to eating eggs on toast at 5.30.

PurpleDaisies Fri 10-Feb-17 15:53:12

Another vote for eggs on toast.
Also avocado on toast.
Eggs and avocado on toast.
Beans on toast.
Mushrooms on toast.

Toast is good.

picklemepopcorn Fri 10-Feb-17 15:58:08

Protein and fat. Not carbohydrate.

Hard boiled eggs, cheese, nuts, bulletproof coffee.

If I have carbs, I'm starving immediately!

Whatasmashingpumpkin Fri 10-Feb-17 15:59:39

Avocado on granary toast and a banana since I've been pregnant.
Before I was pregnant I used to find that 2 weetabix with milk and chopped bananas did the trick and kept me full till lunch.

MeadowHay Fri 10-Feb-17 16:39:08

I would have to get in a better routine to do eggs because I'm usually rushing about in the mornings but it's a good idea. Avocado on toast is a quicker good idea too.

DH mostly has cereal, porridge, or granola, sometimes with fruit and/or a yoghurt too.

I do normally have breakfasty style snacks between breakfast and lunch when I can as I'm always starving, so fruit, belvita biscuits/cereal bars, pastries, that kind of thing. But there are some days when I'm in classes back to back 9am til 12pm when it's awkward having to rush food down me when I'm walking between classes, and plus to be honest I would just like to stay full til lunch so I don't have awkward/uncomfy feelings of hunger.

I don't like mushrooms, and I like beans on toast but I don't think I could face it early in the morning, I don't know why. I like peanut butter and that's meant to be good to fill you up, I have it for lunch sometimes though!

poisonedbypen Fri 10-Feb-17 16:41:16

Eggs. They keep me full for hours. Or beans on toast, but eggs best for staying full.

PleasantPhesant Fri 10-Feb-17 16:41:42

Beans in a thermos flask. Or beans and sausage if you're feeling dirty.

PurpleDaisies Fri 10-Feb-17 16:41:55

If I know I've got sone busy mornings I hardboil eggs in a batch then just peel them and slice them on toast as and when. Saying that, scrambled eggs for one only take as long as the toast does in the toaster.

Mol1628 Fri 10-Feb-17 16:42:30

Granola with full fat Greek yoghurt.

Moresaltedcaramel Fri 10-Feb-17 16:43:35

Porridge or scrambled egg or an omelette.

QueenOfThorns Fri 10-Feb-17 16:44:56

How about bircher muesli? You prepare it the evening before, then just add a bit of extra fresh fruit in the morning. It keeps me full all morning.

Ouch44 Fri 10-Feb-17 16:46:52

Porridge. Or overnight oats. Or what about making a breakfast smoothie also with oats in?

oldlaundbooth Fri 10-Feb-17 16:46:58

Porridge with full fat milk and a boiled egg. Loadsa coffee brew

CryingShame Fri 10-Feb-17 16:47:37

some form of protein. I do greek yoghurt with Aldi's nut granola. I found I was having porridge and my stomach was grumbling at 9.30. It doesn't happen with the greek yoghurt and nuts. you could take extra to uni in a little pot for break and avoid the vending machines.

NannyR Fri 10-Feb-17 16:51:59

Protein and fat - things like eggs, bacon, mashed avocado or peanut butter on rye bread, smoked salmon, full fat Greek yoghurt. If I have porridge I add a big spoon of ground almonds to it.

Or, have you tried not eating breakfast full stop. I know it sounds weird but I manage better on not having any breakfast sometimes, it's like eating breakfast switches on the 'hungry switch' in my brain and I crave snacks (esp if I've had toast, cereal etc). If I don't eat I can quite happily go to lunchtime and not even think about eating till 11.30ish.

CremeEggThief Fri 10-Feb-17 16:52:36

Scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast.
Fried egg and veggie sausage toasted sandwich.
Fried egg and cheese toasted sandwich.
Avocado on toast. Even better with a fried egg.

I love porridge, but even with only making it on milk, I don't find it amazingly filling, although it's better than most cereals. Maybe adding nuts and chia seeds to it might make it more? I have mine with golden syrup or honey and a banana on the side.

MeadowHay Fri 10-Feb-17 18:51:36

Nanny Don't think I can do no breakfast at all - I normally wake up starving but then when I actually start to eat feel like I have to force it down, it's weird. But I have acid reflux so if I don't eat at all my tummy starts to burn with pain so I really do need to put something in it. I do get what you mean about starting eating and then just wanting more and more though!!

Boiling eggs ready is a good idea too. I'm getting hungry reading all these posts!

CremeEggThief Fri 10-Feb-17 20:16:23

What about peanut butter and apple slices on a toasted bagel?

WhoKn0wsWhereTheTimeG0es Fri 10-Feb-17 20:21:03

Two poached eggs (microwave egg poacher) plus a small piece of toasted rye bread with soft cheese (I keep a sliced loaf in the freezer). Takes three minutes and keeps me full till lunch.

Bensyster Fri 10-Feb-17 20:33:35

I have a big mug of black coffee and a few cups of black tea. Sometimes I eat lunch early but breakfast is not something I routinely eat.

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