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Boiled rice?

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divamumplus Tue 27-Feb-07 16:39:39

We had boiled rice and seaweed roll today for lunch. Have some left in rice boiler. What can i cook using boiled rice? Cant think straight today. Any suggestions?

micku5 Tue 27-Feb-07 16:40:39


CanSleepWeirdShifts Tue 27-Feb-07 16:43:31

Turn it into egg fried rice and serve with something chinese.

sunchowder Tue 27-Feb-07 16:44:16

Rice Pudding!

BoolieTC Tue 27-Feb-07 16:46:02

slowly fry thin sliced onions until caramelised, cook puy lentils in chicken stock, mix together and serve. I like this best with a bit of fresh chilli in it and lots of coriander leaf but not essential.

divamumplus Tue 27-Feb-07 17:11:36

dd doesnt like egg, no mattter what form it is
i probably try veg soup and add rice.

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