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best THAI CURRY recipe please - happy to use paste tbh

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DrScholl Sat 04-Feb-17 10:51:02

But mine has gone a bit shit

Any great ones?

MerylPeril Sat 04-Feb-17 11:26:19

I buy from this place in York, the yellow Thai curry is particularly amazing. You can split and freeze the packs.

Otherwise I get Tesco green Thai paste - best one I've used

Funnyonion17 Sat 04-Feb-17 11:27:50

Love Thai curry. The only advice I've got is if you use prawns add them last, they won't shrink to nothing then smile

Lunaballoon Sun 05-Feb-17 13:36:22

I tend to make mine up as I go along but essential ingredients are lemongrass bashed with something heavy, Thai basil leaves (dried ones are fine), fresh ginger, garlic, chillies, coconut milk, fish sauce, fresh lime juice and fresh coriander.

Rioja123 Sun 05-Feb-17 13:38:49

This one by far
Comes in red and green. It's from Thailand and my Thai auntie uses it when she's over here and wants to cook for us. Avoid the ones in the glass jars that supermarket sells.

helenfagain Sun 05-Feb-17 13:39:09 this book is brilliant.

Lunaballoon Sun 05-Feb-17 15:18:29

I meant Kaffir lime leaves (fresh or dried) in my post above, not basil. They're pretty essential IMO and are in that excellent looking paste mentioned by Rioja.

antimatter Sun 05-Feb-17 15:22:54

*Rioja" - I bought this make in a Thai shop in Camden Town in London last Friday. My friend used the Green one and said it was lovely.

Does your aunt fry meat (chicken or beef) before cooking it with paste and coconut milk or does she just put raw meat into the reheated paste with milk?

Rioja123 Sun 05-Feb-17 18:48:26

Hey antimatter. She fries the paste, adds coconut milk and some water and then adds the raw meat and cooks like that.

antimatter Sun 05-Feb-17 18:52:42

Thanks Rjoia!

DrScholl Sun 05-Feb-17 20:21:20

did a bbc one with potatoes and green beans was LOVELY

randg Mon 13-Feb-17 21:38:09

One thing that will make the difference is coconut milk.
I always believe in good coconut milk. If you try any thai brands such as Aroy-D or Chao Koh (which has more coconut milk and no additives like cheap brand), this will really make your curry more fragrant and tasty.

Have you guys tried R&G thai curry paste?
They are soft paste with no preservatives or colouring.
Very easy to make, simply add coconut milk into it.
I am Thai and if you have any questions about thai food, I am happy to help.

antimatter Mon 13-Feb-17 22:00:29

randg - thanks for your recommendation

what is the difference between cookign vegetable vs meat curry?
can I use the same paste?
red or green?

how to make them taste different?

(I love thai flavours!!!!)

randg Mon 13-Feb-17 22:26:28

The difference between green paste and red paste is chillies.
With thai green, they tend to use fresh green chillies and with red curry, they tend to use red dried chillies.
so in green curry, the taste should be more refreshing and spicy. In red curry, the taste should have more depth to it than the green.
If you would like to cook only vegetable curry, I would recommend to put them after you cook curry so the veg will still remain fresh.
Both red and green could be serve with veg and meat. Red tend to have chicken or beef and green is very nice with seafood, especially prawn.
With a tsp of sugar/or palm sugar, it would also give thai curry a round taste.

antimatter Mon 13-Feb-17 23:13:56

It's interesting toi hear that chicken should be with red, in the shop the shopkeeper said chicken only with green curry

I currently have:
green paste
reed paste
Tom Yum

I found Penang most spicy so far

Tom Yum is my favourite of them all (because is a bit sour)

randg Mon 13-Feb-17 23:40:23

In Thailand, Green curry paste is the very spicy curry and penang (panang) curry is supposed to be medium spicy. Since it is normally coming in a form of thick and creamy, so it will be easier to eat if it is not too spicy.

Chicken is also good with any curry but I would recommend seafood with green always as in Thailand, we always have them with prawn, sometimes with fish balls.
Penang is really good with red meat, especially beef.
Tom Yum soup is also my favourite, nice and refreshing.

If you have a chance, have a look on
I would recommend Panang, it is creamy and smooth and medium spicy.
Not sure if you ever tried Massaman curry, it is always kids favourite since it is not spicy and a bit nutty taste. Cook with beef or chicken, sweet potatoes and onions. Delicious.

mylaptopismylapdog Mon 13-Feb-17 23:42:21

Nigel Slater has 2 good ones on BBC food.

antimatter Tue 14-Feb-17 00:37:18

I've seem Massaman curry paste in the shops. Will look out for a recipe as well.

antimatter Tue 14-Feb-17 00:41:32

what veg would you put into green curry?
I assume you fry green paste with a bit of oil until fragrant, add coconut milk - boil it (how long for?), sugar and fish sauce at the end for flavour
add cooked veg?
which ones?

Rioja123 Wed 15-Feb-17 19:28:08

I like baby corn, peas, spinach

MoreThanUs Wed 15-Feb-17 19:32:18

The Hugh Fernley Wittingstall Thai Fish Curry recipe in River Cottage Everyday is amazing.

I make double quantities of the paste at a time and freeze half of it. It can all fit in the Kenwood Mini Chopper. I then use it for fish or chicken as and when.

Everything in that book is fabulous.

MoreThanUs Wed 15-Feb-17 19:32:44

I always add raw mange tout or French beans.

randg Fri 17-Feb-17 09:50:12

You can simply add veg 5-10 minutes before the curry is cooked, so the veg would be fresh and crispy.
Normally in Thailand, we put peas aubergine, green tomatoes and sprinkle with chillies and holy basil leaves.
It would be a bit difficult to find these ingredients, so I would recommend mange tout, baby corn, butter squash, corgette. Once you put them into the bowl, then sprinkle finely chopped chillies and finely chopped kaffir lime leaves on them. Serve with Jasmine Rice or sometimes we have them with rice noodles.
If you like to have a look on video, feel free to see them on my facepage

antimatter Fri 17-Feb-17 23:46:24

Thank you randg!!

Dinkydoos Mon 20-Feb-17 23:52:50

randg . Did you have a stand at the nec good food show???
If it was you, your pastes were best I have ever tried!!!

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