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Juicer recommendations, please.

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Skribble Mon 26-Feb-07 15:54:20

I am looking for a jucier read a few reveiws on some and woried I wil buy a rubbish one.

Any recomendations for one under about £40. A lot under if possible .

Any bargins to be had at the moment, Tescos doing any for 10p?

Skribble Mon 26-Feb-07 18:15:41

bump before I go mad and buy a rubbish one on ebay

HowVeryDareYou Mon 26-Feb-07 18:17:40

Funnily enough Tesco had them on offer for £10 recently but I think they've gone back up to £15.
I bought one & it's fab.

Skribble Mon 26-Feb-07 18:33:01

I spotted one for £15 on their website, I thought I might try that rather than buying a "I used it once, couldn't clean it properly and its been gathering dust in the back of my cupboard" one from ebay.

Skribble Mon 26-Feb-07 22:46:38

Ok I bought the Tesco one, is it supposed to fling fruit all over the underside of the lid? It seemed to take a dislike to the frozen raspberries and threw lots of very moist pulp up, I thought it would get more jiuce out, The pulp that did land in the pulp holder was not to wet.

Whats the best way to clean the metal filter bit?

Can it cope with Kiwi skins and bananas (not banana skins of course)?

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