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sticky lemon chicken recipe please

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triplets Tue 31-Jan-17 01:17:38

Looking for a lemony chicken recipe to do as a tray bake to feed 10, something salty/garlicky with maybe olives as I found some lemon flavoured green olives in Tesco today.........thank you!

sandraa123 Tue 31-Jan-17 04:24:19

Checkout in YouTube, you will get a lot.

ZuzuMyLittleGingersnap Tue 31-Jan-17 05:25:04

If cooking time allows, this is seriously delicious.

And the cooking smells! Mmm <salivates at memory>

Just double up quantities...2 pans would easily feed 10.

Lemon olives would be a great addition, IMO, though I admit I'm biased...would happily eat them morning, noon and night blush

sashh Tue 31-Jan-17 05:35:02

This is my sticky chicken recipe, it can be made with lemon or orange juice, I prefer the OJ.

16 chicken wings or 8 drumsticks
4 cloves of garlic
1 piece root ginger (about 1 inch square)
55 ml runny honey
juice of one orange or 2 lemons (suppose you could mix)
1 teaspoon chilli powder
55 ml soy sauce

chop the wings in 3 pieces at the joints, disgard the tips

Mix everything else together in a bowl, then add the chicken and marinade for 2-24 hours - best to do this in an ovenproof dish because then you can just stick the dish in the oven.

Oven gas 7 (I obviously wrote this when i lived somewhere with a gas oven)

If you like this then when it gets warmer you can also BBQ it, take it out of the marinade first though.

triplets Tue 31-Jan-17 23:19:28

two lovely recipes thank you..............think the Nigella one will be perfect, that's exactly what I wanted, I got a bargain at the butchers today 4 huge chicken legs and 6 huge breasts on the bone for £ the freezer!

ZuzuMyLittleGingersnap Wed 01-Feb-17 08:40:02

It's pretty moreish, OP, I warn you! Let me know how it it's received by your guests...

Yours sounds great. I'm definitely going to give that one a go on the BBQ. Thanks.

triplets Wed 01-Feb-17 22:45:58

Wont be cooking it until March, group of us off to the Norfolk Broads for the w/end to hopefully celebrate an all clear scan for ovarian cancer, just finished my chemo last week. x

ZuzuMyLittleGingersnap Thu 02-Feb-17 02:04:08

Wow, triplets, that certainly is something to celebrate... flowers

Have an incredibly well-deserved, fun and relaxing time in Norfolk. And enjoy the chicken!

triplets Thu 02-Feb-17 22:44:40

Thank you Zuzu and I love your user name smile x

ZuzuMyLittleGingersnap Thu 02-Feb-17 22:57:38

Your chicken recipe request to "It's A Wonderful Life" appreciation, within 1 short thread...who says MNers aren't multifaceted? wink

FiveGoMadInDorset Thu 02-Feb-17 23:00:59

Fingers crossed for you triplets

triplets Fri 03-Feb-17 23:32:51

<<waves to fgmid>> are you? xx

FiveGoMadInDorset Sat 04-Feb-17 09:35:33

Feeling positive, tumours are shrinking and we have a hot date with a liver surgeon next week

triplets Sat 04-Feb-17 10:20:07

That is good news always, surgery is the key to long remission, oh good luck! xxx

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