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Lunch ideas for fussy 4 year old - NO dairy, gluten, nuts or pork......

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feesh Mon 30-Jan-17 06:58:32

My 4 year old DS currently has school lunches, but I want to try and get some control back over what he's eating. He has a cow's milk protein intolerance, and a suspected gluten intolerance, which is hard enough to cope with, but also the school is strictly no nuts and no pork.

We are in the Middle East so we don't have access to the usual Free From food ranges that you'd get in the UK, although we do have a well stocked Waitrose. I can't get dairy-free yoghurts, but I can make my own gluten-free bread, for example.

I need some super easy lunchbox ideas please, as I am heavily pregnant and really struggling at the moment! Honestly I have absolutely zero ideas as to what to give him. He is really fussy and won't eat any veggies or tuna or sauce either. Obviously ham is out due to the no pork policy, and I struggle to know what to do for sandwiches (he won't eat egg mayonnaise either, although he will eat whole boiled eggs).

Please, has anyone got any ideas? I just need 5 ideas that I can rotate on a weekly basis!

LiveLifeWithPassion Mon 30-Jan-17 07:09:16

I'm nit sure about super easy but could you have things prepped then freeze?
Things like chicken drumsticks and pieces and Meatballs. Or egg - boiled or frittata.
Then add rice or potatoes. Fruit and any salad and veg he will eat.

ChickyDuck Mon 30-Jan-17 07:45:52

Can you get thin sliced turkey or chicken as an alternative to ham? Or think deconstructed...e.g. instead of an egg salad sandwich, a couple of hard boiled eggs, some cherry tomatoes/cucumber/celery sticks, and some crackers/flatbreads/rolls? Fussy eaters often like separate foods more anyway!

isthistoonosy Mon 30-Jan-17 07:53:36

I'd do bread and margarine (assuming you can get a spread he can have) with veg sticks / tomatoes / fruit (that je will eat) and then alternate whole eggs, cold sliced meatballs, sausage, chicken (preferably last nights left overs to save on extra cooking). On other days jam sandwiches as a treat.

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