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Help me use up random fridge items!!

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Jemimabelle Fri 27-Jan-17 21:04:47

I'm pretty rubbish at making up recipes, love cooking but use a lot of recipes/rely on things I've done before. The online shopping has just arrived so I've cleared out the fridge and have a few items that need using up...mainly veg that has been around for a while. So...any ideas for what I can make out of this lot? (I also have a well stocked cupboard of most staples and fresh veg, meat etc)
2 parsnips
2 leeks
Bag of shallots
Bag of cherry tomatoes
3 apples
3 sweet potatoes
Feta cheese (which I bought for a recipe when meal planning too far in advance and lost the recipe!)

foodiemama26 Fri 27-Jan-17 22:08:39

baked sweet potato with crumbled feta and a tomato and shallot salsa

roast the veg and tomatoes with garlic, thyme and olive oil throw the block of feta in whole for the last 15 minutes with the veg and serve as part of a mezze with pitta, etc.

wobblywonderwoman Fri 27-Jan-17 22:14:21

Soup would probably be the easiest.

If you had lettuce, a nice salad and sweet potato wedges.

Make a casserole / stew with your fresh meat (maybe some kind of somerset pork with the apples and veg)

Jemimabelle Fri 27-Jan-17 22:57:34

Mmmm like all those ideas. For soup, would I just chuck it all in together? Any particular herbs that would enhance it? Maybe not the feta...can't imagine that going well with it...

CaptainWarbeck Sat 28-Jan-17 03:10:04

I'd do a creamy pie with the parsnips, leeks and shallots. Quorn or chicken in too if you have any. Then use the apples up with any extra fruit you have lying around (or berries in the freezer) to make a crumble.

Out2pasture Sat 28-Jan-17 03:51:24

substitute feta for parmesan
this uses up both the parsnips and sweet potatoes (and feta)

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