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How do you cook Asparagus?

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wotzsaname Sun 25-Feb-07 16:49:25

I normally steam my veg. But steamer is full for dinner later. Just want to have a little nibble before hand.


Flower3554 Sun 25-Feb-07 16:51:12

Put a couple of tablespoons of water in a microwaveable dish, add asparagus, loosly cover so steam can escape and cook on full for 3-4 minutes.

GhostOfMumsnet Sun 25-Feb-07 16:52:15

brush with olive oil and then put on a gridle

SherlockLGJ Sun 25-Feb-07 16:53:11

You don't at this time of the year, it will be imported and tasteless.

wotzsaname Sun 25-Feb-07 16:53:34

I might have to do half both ways, just to sample. Sounds lovely...My DD has just started to eat asparagus so I want to tempt her taste buds. I love it.

wotzsaname Sun 25-Feb-07 16:55:16

SherlockLGJ DD tried it at someones house so when it is in season, ill get it locally. But I have it and im gona cook it.

SherlockLGJ Sun 25-Feb-07 16:56:21

When it is in season, she will love it, then refuse to eat it out of season.

I bloody love sparrowgrass.

mamama Sun 25-Feb-07 16:57:48

Bung in a pan of water and boil for a few mins.

Drain and cover with butter.

laloop Sun 25-Feb-07 17:14:12

You could try roasting asparagus - just place spears in ovenproof dish and drizzle with olive oil. Roast in oven then season with black pepper.

wotzsaname Sun 25-Feb-07 17:18:19

yummmm. Just to say thanks for ideas. I microwave steamed and added butter and salt to serve (only little smidge of both). Both dds (7 and 10yrs) ate and loved them.

They eat lots of differnt veg, so its nice to experiment.

USAUKMum Sun 25-Feb-07 17:50:43

Roast it, then a splash of balsamic vinegar. Yummy

paulaplumpbottom Sun 25-Feb-07 17:51:40

Pan fry with garlic & cherry tomatos

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