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What to eat-quick responses please

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rhuhbarb4 Wed 25-Jan-17 13:00:58

Quick question everyone i need an idea for tea will have 3 adults and 12yo,4yo,3yo and 1yo. I have nothing in the house so will need to go out throw your suggestions at me.

FriedPisces Wed 25-Jan-17 13:06:12

Pasta bake with chicken
Spaghetti bolognese
Nice build your own burgers and potato wedges
Jacket potatoes with fillings and salad and maybe some chicken pieces

rhuhbarb4 Wed 25-Jan-17 13:14:31

Ooh all of that sounds lovely now i have to choose one to actually cook!

FriedPisces Wed 25-Jan-17 14:21:07

I reckon it depends on time too. Jacket spuds can be chucked in the oven and not much else needs doing, spag bol/pasta bake takes a bit of effort.
Hungry now!

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