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Waffle maker

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Girlwhowearsglasses Thu 19-Jan-17 19:19:39

Anyone want to recommend me one? I seem to end up making endless pancakes on a Sunday morning and actually maybe waffles would be a change. Plus I love them and so do the kids.

Is the Cuisinartn one on Lakeland the definitive, or one of the round ones on Amazon? What about ones that say they are interchangeable plates and do sandwiches/paninis too? (I am guessing they are jack of all trades and master of none - but happy to be corrected)

FiveGoMadInDorset Thu 19-Jan-17 19:22:46

We have the Cusinart one (same as you bored of making pancakes) works well and I make batches and freeze for easy mid week breakfasts

Nanasueathome Thu 19-Jan-17 19:23:31

I have the Cuisinart waffle maker
I bought it in House of Fraser sale last year
The box was damaged but the waffle maker was fine, so I got a good bargain
It is superb and very easy to use ( basically switch it on, add mixture, close the lid and wait for the beep)

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Thu 19-Jan-17 19:28:13

I have this one

i have tried others but this one really is fab...makes brilliant waffles, and loads of them....tbh I halve most of the recipes
It's never stuck, it doesn't seem to get that nasty sticky yicky layer on that so many of these things do, which is impossible to clean off
It does get very hot on the handle, there is a tiny bit of heat resistant handle to get a hold of, so be careful and watch how much waffle mix you put it....purely as it is so sad to see it squelching and burning on the edges when you know that could have gone towards anotherr delicious waffle!

If you do get one then do try these Churro Waffles ...they are amazing!

FiveGoMadInDorset Thu 19-Jan-17 19:29:48

Oh I really shouldn't have clicked on that link ......

Girlwhowearsglasses Thu 19-Jan-17 19:34:14

Don't even say Churros. Oooooh.

So hang on - some do four and some two? I have three DCs....

chicaguapa Thu 19-Jan-17 19:39:03

That churros recipe looks lovely. I'll give that a try.

envy at her name though. chica chocolatina". grin

zzzzz Thu 19-Jan-17 19:39:22

I think the ones that turn over are supposed to be superior.

I want one terribly but they are £££s

BonnesVacances Thu 19-Jan-17 19:40:55

Get a 4 waffle one if you have 3 DC. They do take a while to cook and one will have to wait otherwise.

Ceaser1981 Thu 19-Jan-17 19:48:30

Yip cuisinart is a good buy, had mine for about 10 years, mmm i want one now

illegitimateMortificadospawn Thu 19-Jan-17 19:53:20

We have a Cuisinart and it is good. DH bought me mine a few months before Cuisinart released a version that also had sandwich toaster plates too (the waffle ones are removeable and go in the dishwasher). If I was buying now, I'd go for that one & ditch my knackered toastie maker.

illegitimateMortificadospawn Thu 19-Jan-17 19:54:40

The making & freezing batches idea is genius. How do you reheat them?

I also want churro waffles now too.

FiveGoMadInDorset Thu 19-Jan-17 20:28:36

We put them in the toaster from frozen

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Thu 19-Jan-17 20:33:10

yes, toaster them, or sometimes I throw them onto a flat griddle.
...this is especially nice f you are taking the whole american panckes/bacon/maple syrup thing to excess with waffles, and scrambled egg and bacon grin and you reheat the waffles in the bacony bit of the pan.

Blacksox Thu 19-Jan-17 20:39:50

Ours is a really good one from JM Posner (on Amazon).

Allalonenow Thu 19-Jan-17 20:42:08

This thread has brought back such happy memories of a childhood treat when my Dad used to hold a waffle session for tea, a bowl of cream, plenty of jams, clouds of icing sugar, the wonderful vanilla smell of the waffles.....

CaptainWarbeck Fri 20-Jan-17 04:14:58

We have the Breville smart waffle with 4 waffle size. It's expensive but amazing! Easy to make the batter and it adjusts its cooking time based on the mix you put in the waffle maker, so it'll cook a more liquidy one for longer etc automatically until its done. It also has an overflow moat so you don't get mix on the kitchen bench if you overfill - the moat cooks the extra so you get extra waffle. No faff cleaning as they just come straight out. Definitely worth the money! We use it heaps.

CaptainWarbeck Fri 20-Jan-17 04:16:12 we got ours on a price match deal for a bit less than this.

illegitimateMortificadospawn Fri 20-Jan-17 07:13:20

It also has an overflow moat so you don't get mix on the kitchen bench if you overfill - the moat cooks the extra so you get extra waffle.

I'm not whether I'm up or down with this sort of thing. The nail-biting tension whilst you wait to see if greed got the better of you with the Cuisinart is half the fun. You could stand it on a tray to keep your worktop clean.

Gileswithachainsaw Fri 20-Jan-17 07:20:55

I have a sephra

It only does one at a time and it's nothing fancy but the kids like it smile

illegitimateMortificadospawn Fri 20-Jan-17 07:54:21

Am just tucking into waffles. grin

Girlwhowearsglasses Fri 20-Jan-17 09:16:28

Oh thanks! Heston you say?

SoupDragon Fri 20-Jan-17 09:23:10

£152 for a waffle maker??!! for that I would want a chef to come and cook them for me.

HMF1 Fri 20-Jan-17 09:34:43

We have the cuisinart that does 4 at a time. we have hadit for 6 years & its still going strong . I am not convinced that the Heston products are worth the price tag. Cooking is meant to involve some skill & they seem to do everything for you.

CaptainWarbeck Fri 20-Jan-17 09:52:58

Heston selling his waffle maker...

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