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Does anyone know how to convert a 8" cake tin sponge recipe to a 9" tin recipe?

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elibumbum Fri 23-Feb-07 17:32:21

Or failing that has anyone got a good sponge recipe for a 9" tin?

boogiewoogie Fri 23-Feb-07 20:19:40

Multiply amounts by a factor of approximately 1.4 or 729/512 to be precise.

isaidno Fri 23-Feb-07 20:23:36

I don't think an inch will make much difference!

[dirtygrin emoticon]

elibumbum Fri 23-Feb-07 20:31:29

Thanks boogie woogie!

elibumbum Fri 23-Feb-07 20:32:43

What about the egg?

isaidno Fri 23-Feb-07 20:38:13

just use large eggs?

crumbs Fri 23-Feb-07 21:27:57

Depends on the number of eggs. Think I'd multiply by 1.4 then add an extra one if it looked like it was indicating that, and not bother if it wasn't making much difference - ie, round up or down, if that makes sense?

elibumbum Sat 24-Feb-07 11:03:40

Thanks everyone

shonaspurtle Sat 24-Feb-07 11:07:07

I made an 8" recipe in a 9" square tin yesterday and it was ok. A little bit thin but not so you'd really notice once it was iced & sliced.

Ladymuck Sat 24-Feb-07 11:09:29

I think that there is a convertor on Delia's site?

hatwoman Sat 24-Feb-07 11:32:31

I have no idea how big any of my tins are. I just use them regardless. haven't had any disasters

elibumbum Sat 24-Feb-07 20:40:16

Thanks. I wouldn't normally fret about the odd inch but the cake is for DS's first birthday!

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