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It's Marmalade Time!

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RamblinRosie Sat 14-Jan-17 02:47:57

First batch of Seville made, then I found some bergamots, so second batch of pure bergamot, I had a few left so next batch is bergamot and red grapefruit - interested to see how that turns out..

I spent a load buying bergamots online last year, but some Waitrose stores are stocking them this year, so I want to encourage you to buy them so they will continue to stock them.

The bergamot is lovely, so wanted to encourage any other marmalade makers to try it if you see them.

daffodilssoon Sun 15-Jan-17 12:44:12

I've struggled with setting this year.
Same old recipe but both times I've had to reboil.
The oranges seem smaller this year, I'm blaming them.

P1nkP0ppy Sun 15-Jan-17 12:49:36

I've just made 14lb of Seville orange marmalade this morning😋
Might make another batch if I can get more oranges - I've never heard of Bergamots, how do they differ from Sevilles?

Pestilence13610 Sun 15-Jan-17 12:51:57

Waitrose here I come.
Thank you for the reminder.
Last year DS1(24) and his best friend reminded me. They know the things that matter to them.

Starman16 Sun 15-Jan-17 13:03:23

Riverford (the veg box company) also have bergamots at the moment

Pestilence13610 Sun 15-Jan-17 15:29:43

Marmalade is on.
Half sevilles, half left over random citrus from Christmas.
No bergamots at our local Waitrose, will try the big one near work tomorrow or the market on Tuesday.
Our local green grocers closed a couple of months ago and I am lost without her.

RamblinRosie Wed 18-Jan-17 02:19:12

Bergamots in local Waitrose, yellow, look like large lemons, highly scented. DH loves basic Seville, but likes both.

Marmalade is different, but good, I did a batch, then a mix with pink grapefruit, yummy .

I like bergamots on their own, and with other citrus, I've tried sweet orange and mandarin. All seems to work well.

TheSpottedZebra Wed 18-Jan-17 13:23:15

My lidl had bergamot in!

SasBel Wed 18-Jan-17 13:28:14

Ooh, will try riverford! 2Kg of Seville are done and still have jars left!

Pestilence13610 Wed 18-Jan-17 14:10:27

My lemon dealer came good.

daffodilssoon Wed 18-Jan-17 17:07:19

Does anyone dare making more than 1kg at a time?

Pestilence13610 Wed 18-Jan-17 18:57:09

I used 2kg of fruit.
We have 13 jars of very varied size.
Lord know how much the giant lemon will make.

daffodilssoon Wed 18-Jan-17 20:10:44

That's good to know Pesitilence, do you have a normal sized jam pan? I was worried that it would boil over.

P1nkP0ppy Wed 18-Jan-17 20:43:56

I've made 2kgs at a time in a preserving pan. No problems with it boiling over.
So far I have 21lb marmalade 😋

Pestilence13610 Wed 18-Jan-17 20:45:51

I have an enormous pan, it was overfull so I moved some to another large pan and added some whisky. grin
It is much more sensible to make it 1kg at a time, every year I forget how much it makes and get over excited and make loads.

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