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ARRRGHH!!! Yet another hand cooked meal goes to waste!! Could I reheat?

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Holymoly321 Thu 22-Feb-07 13:11:08

DS - 17mths, has decided that he only wants to eat organix fruit bars, yoghurt, raisins or organix biscuits. For the past couple of weeks he has hardly any 'proper' food. I've tried and tried again his old favourites, beef casserole, fish mornay, chicken and red pepper casserole etc and he is having none of it. |Once I've reheated a frozen dish, can I reheat it again later if he hasn't touched it first time round? Am sick of the waste!

PandaG Thu 22-Feb-07 13:12:28

I wouldn't reheat a second time no. But - maybe in future just heat part of a meal - and if he eats it you could then offer more? Itis so frustrating I know

pesme Thu 22-Feb-07 13:13:34

just accept the waste. it is the only way. keep offering and one day out of the blue he will eat it all.

lulumama Thu 22-Feb-07 13:14:22

oooh..never sure about reheating previously frozen and reheated stuff..

can you cut down on the stuff you offer between meals ?

also, i find DD does a lot better on 6 small meals a day , than 3 regular sized ones, and 2 big drinks of milk (or even 3! ) aswell

for DD a meal could be half a cut up apple , a couple of fingers of cheese, an oatcake , some raisins..

so protein, carb, calcium and fruit i am not bothered if the next meal is refused....

eggy bread is a good one, as is spanish omlette or scrambled eggs made with butter..for filling , quick meals that a toddler can feed themselves with their hands, like snack food.

Holymoly321 Thu 22-Feb-07 13:16:57

Thanks guys - thought that may be the case but was just clutching at straws! It is REALLLY annoying! Esp as once he's out of the highchair he's straight back to whining for junk food!

KathyMCMLXXII Thu 22-Feb-07 13:25:41

My dd, who will generally eat anything, started getting bored with all her favourites at about that age, so we found we were having more success with new things than with the things we thought we knew she liked - maybe try different recipes for a while, then get the old stuff out of the freezer when he's had time to forget about it?

Their appetites do seem almost insanely variable at that age, so I wouldn't worry too much if he doesn't seem to be eating much for a few days, as long as he is doing ok in other ways.

chocolateshoes Thu 22-Feb-07 13:29:57

I found that for a while at this age DS got a bit fed up of whole meals like lasagne, shepherds pie etc and wanted lots of little individual things - tapas style! It might be worth a try - cherry toms, a sardine, a spoonful of couscous, a date (soaked overnight) plus some bits & pieces of your food.

mistypeaks Thu 22-Feb-07 13:48:38

I've found as well that DD much prefers "picnics". She has a little play table and chairs so I just pop her lunch on that (bread, cheese, ham, pear, apple, oatcakes, cherry toms etc.) and she just helps herself inbetween more interesting play time stuff. She eats loads this way (I do have to hoover a LOT though - or rather DH does). She then has her main meal in her booster seat with us at dinner time and we're so much more relaxed about what she eats then, because I know she's already eated really well during the day.

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