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New kitchen knife set - What brand is best?

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smilesandsun Thu 05-Jan-17 16:57:22


I need to replace our very well used kitchen knives. What brand should I be researching?

SandwichYum Sun 08-Jan-17 12:24:43

It rather depends on your budget but I love my robert Welch knives. They are very sharp and stay sharp too.

monniemae Sun 08-Jan-17 16:59:02

Global are great

TheHoldings Sun 08-Jan-17 23:18:38

I wouldn't buy a set - you don't need one unless you are doing some specialist cutting. Best invest I. The knives you will really need,
You need a good cooks knife for chopping - it needs to feel balanced when you hold it, it needs to fit your hand, feel comfortable. You really need to try it out mimick chopping I mean.
Then you'll need a paring knife and a bread knife/serrated knife - don't spent big money on the bread knife the blade needs to be firm though. You might choose 3 knives from 3 different brands because you want to choose one that feels comfortable. Don't be fooled into thinking that a good brand has perfect knives they vary the quality in some ranges to produce a more economical poorer quality knife - wusthof are bad for this. I have knives from Sabatier, Victorinox, Henkels, Wusthof and Robert Welsh - the Robert Welsh is probably my favourite - I bought it as a lighter knife for the dcs to learn to cook with - my cooks knife was too big for them but I have really fallen for it, much to my surprise.

BradleyPooper Sun 08-Jan-17 23:25:12

I love wusthof knives and bought them individually over a couple of years. I went to an independent cook shop and was given a pile of carrots to chop my way through with several different brands of knives. Everyone is different and prefers different materials, weights, formats and budgets. Find a cook shop that will let you try their range.

Tessticklesyourfancy Mon 09-Jan-17 22:36:39

Another Wustof recommendation here. DP bought me a set three years ago, I use the daily and I think they're brilliant.

darceybussell Mon 09-Jan-17 22:39:57

Another vote for Global - they are amazing

neet252 Mon 09-Jan-17 22:40:56

I would also recommend Global. We bought our set from Costco, which was very reasonably priced!

nocampinghere Tue 10-Jan-17 10:48:38

big Robert Welch fan here.

Endmoor1405 Tue 10-Jan-17 10:50:13

We have a set of knives called Kyu from a Richardson Sheffield. Very affordable and hold a lovely edge. I also recommend an Any Sharp knife sharpener- super easy to use and does a great job!

HeyMacWey Tue 10-Jan-17 10:50:45

Another global recommendation - had my set for 18 years and still going strong. Tend to sharpen them about once a year.

MrsJW15 Tue 10-Jan-17 11:41:37

I like Robert Welch too. Ours are from John Lewis so we can add to them slowly rather than buying a set all at once.

Pantah630 Tue 10-Jan-17 12:56:04

DB bought me a set of Wusthof in the Steamer Trading sale, still £££ though. All the knives are ones I'd have bought individually and included a carving fork which my DB is missing from his knives bought singularly. He'd seen me eyeing his up over Christmas dinner cooking and thought he'd buy them before I stole his grin

RamblinRosie Sat 14-Jan-17 02:10:04

I love my Globals, I also got a MinoSharp ceramic sharpener. I bought mine separately and didn't bother with the knife block, I got a bamboo block with a washable insert. However DH swears by his supermarket cooks knife.

LuisCarol Sat 14-Jan-17 02:42:46

I wouldn't buy a set - you don't need one unless you are doing some specialist cutting. Best invest in the knives you will really need

I completely agree with this. I'd buy a magnetic knife bar for storage, and invest the money in a good sharpener, then buy individual knives as and when.

bloodyteenagers Sat 14-Jan-17 03:05:35

Yes buy them separate.
I have a combo of Dicks, Hygiplas, victoinox global, tuski, Welch, Gustav Emil and generic chefs knifes. And a decent whetstone to sharpen.
And yes try how they feel in your hand. Hence I have quiet a few different ones. Ex preferred certain knives which he used professionally, I had a preference and trainee chef dd also had a preference. For some reason I ended up with them all.

Bensyster Sat 14-Jan-17 07:15:55

Make sure you buy a sharping steel/whetstone and learn how to hone them - you need to do this everytime you use the knife - I don't have any Global but I recall them needing a unique sharpener.

THirdEeye Sat 14-Jan-17 14:29:05

Global fan here too! I've converted a friend and SIL, who now use this brand too.

We bought the knives separately and store them on a metallic/magnetic strip.

AnUtterIdiot Sun 15-Jan-17 11:29:21

I bought a set (YES, A SET) of Sabatier knives from Argos about four years ago that are still going strong. Bread knife, carving knife, chef's knife, Santoku knife, paring knife and all-purpose knife. There were also 4 steak knives. The steak knives don't get used much, but the 5 main knives are all in business most of the time. They sharpen up beautifully with very little effort. I chose that set because a number of student chefs recommended them in the reviews.

I probably will replace them separately as they die, but they're all very nicely weighted and easy to use.

The set that I bought doesn't seem to be sold anymore, but this looks as if it has all of the knives apart from the steak and Sandoku knives:

Luis7474 Thu 11-Jan-18 12:01:12

I love my Shun, I also got a Wusthof. I bought mine separately.They are really good. If you want the best go for Kamikoto.

Weedsnseeds1 Thu 11-Jan-18 17:20:53

Sabatier and Smithfield are good mid priced ranges. I also love Japanese knives but they can be eye wateringly expensive!
I would also suggest buying individuals, there's always a couple in a set that you will never use.

CuriousaboutSamphire Thu 11-Jan-18 17:38:08

My Stellar Sabatiers, in a block, are about 30 years old. I am just now thinking about sending them off for a professional sharpen. We use all of them regularly, chose the 5 set specifically.

They are lovely... but I too would love some of the Japanese knives smile

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