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sophiemorgan91 Thu 05-Jan-17 10:08:47

Hi. I'm looking for some inspiration for some meal ideas for an 18 month old. She can be a bit fussy. I normally do a veg purée with other things she can pick up and eat e.g. Pasta, more veg and some chicken. She likes fish pie and spaghetti bolognaise but I'm trying to think of other things she might like. She doesn't seem to like tomatoes or chicken.

AtleastitsnotMonday Thu 05-Jan-17 14:20:29

How about making some fish cakes?
Frittata makes good finger food as do potato wedges (both regular and sweet potato).
If she like fish pie and spaghetti bolognaise maybe cottage pie would be a winner.
What kind of things do you do for yourself? I'd be trying to get her eating similar.

ElsieBobo Sat 07-Jan-17 11:00:26

Spaghetti carbonara, pizzas using English muffins and sliced veg (mushrooms courgettes), Homemade fish fingers, slow cooked chicken with Moroccan spices and apricots, fish with cheese sauce and spinach, 'macaroni cheese, swetcorm fritters, omelettes with various veg snuck in, cottage pie,

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