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Out of date Quorn sausage roll - just ate from Tesco - will I get sick?

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Fagin99 Wed 04-Jan-17 15:54:32

Hi Guys,

I'm not expecting a crystal ball or anything, but I'm rather annoyed - I just bought from Tesco a Quorn sausage roll (the chilled ones) as part of my lunch, ate and swallowed a large bite of it cold, and then noticed it went out of date four days ago!! Needless to say I took it straight back and complained to the manager (don't they check dates?!) and they gave me a measly £10 voucher, but what I'm really worried about is whether I'm likely to get sick!

I'm not the best at handling sickness so my mind is going all over the place. Any know if such a thing could cause food poisoning??


OpalTree Wed 04-Jan-17 15:57:45

I think you'll be fine. If it was seafood i think you'd have a problem, or maybe chicken.

bowchikkawowwow Wed 04-Jan-17 17:08:32

It's fine, I always eat quorn that's a few days out of date. It's mushroom fungus anyway so no harm being a bit more fungusy winkgrin

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