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Setting to cook on an induction plate

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SingaSong12 Tue 03-Jan-17 15:42:19

I got an induction plate as I'm thinking of getting a full job and wanted to try it out first. It is a Tefal but there is no detail on which settings to use. I'd like to just make pasta to start with. There is a boil setting, but instructions say it will stop heating when water boils. The settings are in watts.

I've found lots on the internet about types of pan and how induction cooking works, but not on power settings. Can anyone please give me some pointers on what setting to use to cook 100g dried pasta after I get water to boiling. Thanks

SooDeNimm Tue 03-Jan-17 16:31:47

Just turn it up not down depending whether you want it hotter or cooler.

So for pasta, on my induction hob I start at full (9) then once the pasta is in and boiling it's too hot but 8 or 7 is about right.

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