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Finally got a new food processor. What lovely veggie recipes can I make?

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RemusLupinsChristmasMovie Mon 02-Jan-17 19:17:42

On the list so far:

black bean burgers
baba ganoush

PlymouthMaid1 Mon 02-Jan-17 19:21:38


cudbywestrangers Mon 02-Jan-17 19:22:51

I do Jamie Oliver pregnant jools pasta with veggie sausages in mine...
Could do with more ideas though!

whyohwhy000 Mon 02-Jan-17 19:22:59


ChickyDuck Mon 02-Jan-17 19:57:19

Celeriac remoulade, daupinoise potatoes (both using the slicey/gratey functions), this absolutely delicious dip/sauce by nigella that you really should eat with absolutely everything. Also, make your pastry in it, it is so quick and easy!

AtleastitsnotMonday Mon 02-Jan-17 20:02:10

This parsnip, carrot and potato rosti

RemusLupinsChristmasMovie Mon 02-Jan-17 20:02:49

Brilliant. Yes to coleslaw! That chilli sauce looks amazing.

msrisotto Mon 02-Jan-17 20:04:25

Salsa verde and Chimichurri

TheSpottedZebra Mon 02-Jan-17 20:11:45

I know you have a bean burger recipe, but that Jamie O recipe for burgers using frozen broad bans, and frozen peas (and other stuff) all whizzed up is really nice.

CaptainWarbeck Tue 03-Jan-17 03:22:37

Herby falafels. A food processor is really handy for whizzing up the chickpeas, onion, garlic, herbs and spices, I just chuck everything in at once and then shape and fry.

CaptainWarbeck Tue 03-Jan-17 03:24:11

Also yes to rosti with all kinds of fridge veg and a fried egg and hot sauce on top for lunch, also roasted beetroot dip with a spoonful of Greek yoghurt blended in is very good.

RemusLupinsChristmasMovie Tue 03-Jan-17 17:25:23

Excellent. Thanks for these. I love rosti and have never made.

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