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Can anyone recommend a Recipe Book . . .

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NappyChange Tue 20-Feb-07 16:56:16

Have 7 month old, using A Karmel and love it but looking for something else so we have a bit of variety. Any recommendations?

Mumpbump Tue 20-Feb-07 17:06:37

Finger food for Babies and Toddlers. Superfoods for Children (I think) also has a section for babies/toddlers.

suzycreamcheese Tue 20-Feb-07 17:12:14

i liked carol timperley baby and child vegetarian recipes..ebury press..

maybe not what you were after but good ideas and you could always serve w/ meat (or fish, like i do)...

sfxmum Tue 20-Feb-07 17:19:47

this might help not a book i know but for variety sake

NappyChange Wed 21-Feb-07 12:37:29

All very helpful, thank you.

deaconblue Fri 23-Feb-07 09:31:09

I have the vegetarian pregnancy and baby book by Amanda Grant which has lots of nice recipes and you can always add some meat if you don't fancy doing them as veggie. I've made lots of them for dh and I as well as ds. The sweet potato and coconut curry was a huge hit with ds.

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