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Favorite fish recipes for the family

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DeliveredByKiki Thu 29-Dec-16 05:58:24

DH and I are embarking on whole30 for January, I'm pescatarian but tend to eat mainly plant based. So I need some family friendly recipes with fish and veg that don't include beans/legumes/lentils/wheat or grain products (though I can do things like normal rice for DC and cauliflower rice for us etc)

I think we'll just get a bit bored with a bit of fish, a veg and a grain/grain alternative every night for a month

AtleastitsnotMonday Thu 29-Dec-16 07:11:50

Mix a couple of tablespoons of yoghurt with a teaspoon of curry paste and coat cod fillets. Lay on baking sheet then spread the top of each piece of fish with mango chutney and oven bake.
Cook salmon fillets in foil parcels with with sweet chillie sauce.
Tuna fish cakes always go down well here. Mix tinned tuna with mash, sweet corn and tartare sauce.

wundringnow Thu 29-Dec-16 07:16:34

Fish tacos are delicious! I like to make my own tortillas too, which makes them even better.

wundringnow Thu 29-Dec-16 07:17:20

Oh goodness, I'm an idiot, didn't see that you wanted no grains!

MelanieCheeks Thu 29-Dec-16 07:35:16

Prawn biriani is a favourite here.

Mediterranean cod (roast fillets on top of mixed peppers, timaotoes and courgettes, add olives if you like them)

Vegetable fritatta and seared haloumi are also popular.

DeliveredByKiki Thu 29-Dec-16 17:34:19

Thanks all - should stipulate no grains, wheat, beans, legumes, lentils, sugar, alcohol (it's a very boring gut health thing!) eggs though are fine, as are all veg, and I don't eat meat

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